About Us

Gesher is a unique independent primary school, it provides a specialist meaningful and functional learning environment for children with special educational needs. This includes language, communication and social pragmatic difficulties. We have a specialism in autism spectrum challenges (ASC).

Children are at the heart of Gesher School, where we foster a sense of belonging and community.  It offers a happy, safe, friendly and stimulating environment in which children are supported to learn, interact and have fun.   We believe that all children have the potential to achieve, but that every child is individual and requires a tailored, child-centred approach to learning.

The Gesher approach is warm, friendly and nurturing.  Emotional health and resilience, developing children’s independence and learning, is at the core of our vision.

At Gesher we provide:

  • opportunities that enable children to thrive, we want our children to be ambitious about achieving their full potential.
  • a collaborative learning team around every child to support each child’s learning needs and maximise meaningful learning opportunities.
  • a therapeutic team that works together with families to nurture and support a child’s emotional, social and academic development.
  • a partnership with families to improve the lives and life chances of children with SEN by ensuring that they are healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and experience the wider community.

It has been a complete transformation since my son has been here. He is responding to me so much more.

Gesher Parent