Head’s Welcome

Gesher is a school with a story, a path and a passion that will drive it to accomplish everything that it aspires to be.

A dedicated environment for children with special educational needs that struggle with anxiety, social skills, isolation and have difficulties with self-confidence. Children have one chance to have their childhood, and it is so important that they feel happy and secure within their school environment. I firmly believe that children who feel confident in their surroundings are able to access their learning with more ease and motivation which in turn allows them to meet their highest potential. At Gesher we teach an adapted version of the National Curriculum, which allows children to learn within their ability levels across subjects – regardless of how ‘spikey’ their profile may be. Our small classroom sizes and high staffing ratios allow us to accomplish a tailored curriculum for each child. Learning strategies and coping mechanisms to support development in social skills are at the core of our curriculum as well. We offer the opportunity to integrate in a local mainstream school, as well as partake in many different community trips. We strive to continuously look at the child as a whole with an eclectic approach, and are fortunate to have our own therapy team and educational psychologist to ensure we are successful in looking at children’s development across all areas. A repetitive compliment that the school receives is that children seem happy, and enjoy coming to school. For parents who have struggled to drop their children off at school’s where they felt they were misunderstood and unhappy was a real challenge – they feel a huge amount of relief knowing that Gesher understands them, truly cares about each child’s story and their positive progression through primary school.

We have built a beautiful community and I look forward to watching it grow and develop.

About Us

Gesher is a unique independent primary school that opened in September 2017.  It provides a specialist learning environment for children with Special Educational Needs, that include language, communication and social pragmatic difficulties. We have a specialism in autism spectrum challenges (ASC).  Find out more about our very special school in the video below.


It is with great pride that we publish our OFSTED report. Please click here to read.

You will see that we were graded as an OUTSTANDING school in all areas! We are all feeling very happy and beyond proud of the children and the staff.

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