Gesher has a multi-dimensional and personalised curriculum that puts the needs of the individual at the heart of learning. At Gesher we believe the child’s emotional wellbeing and happiness are of the highest importance.

At Gesher we are committed towards a holistic approach which includes classroom learning, therapies and home life. Therapists work alongside teachers to help lower anxiety, improve wellbeing, and support readiness to learn. The on-site therapists include a Speech and Language Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, and a Dramatherapist, as well as an Educational Psychologist. These professionals form part of the multi-disciplinary team to provide universal, targeted and specialist approaches to each child’s development.

Our curriculum is adapted from the National Curriculum and further personalised depending on each individual child’s needs. This tailored approach gives children the opportunity to be taught in line with their individual learning styles, giving them further opportunities to be successful, thus promoting self-esteem and self-confidence.

Lessons are differentiated with the focus on the individual child. Teachers use motivating, forward-thinking and creative ways to give children real life opportunities to encourage them to become active learners. Children are given various opportunities to implement skills that they learn through a variety of cross-curricular activities, enabling them to put into practise what they have learnt as a part of their daily routine.

At Gesher School, we use a Maths Mastery approach to teaching Mathematics, which places an emphasis on the use of resources and images to support understanding. It also focuses on small steps to learning with an emphasis on depth of knowledge.

In Reading, we use the Read, Write Inc. Programme, which makes connections between Reading, Writing and Comprehension from the early stages of letter recognition to more higher order reading and understanding n in the older year groups. Alongside this, we also use elements of Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing to support creative writing in the older classes.

Like everything at Gesher, these programmes and approaches have been adapted to the needs of our pupils.

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on self-confidence, intrinsic motivation and ensuring that our children are continuously encouraged and supported to develop their independence; in turn this helps to foster self-help skills in all areas of development. Staff use a scaffolded approach, demonstrating or modelling an activity before stepping back for children to be successful leaners.

We also believe that all children need time to play and time to be themselves; the Creative Arts, particularly drama, music and art, allow for children’s creative and imaginative expression to take place. Every child deserves a childhood and we aim to ensure that Gesher is a school that balances these core aspects alongside a strong academic foundation.