The Team around the child

The learning team around the child is at the heart of the Gesher way.  A trans-disciplinary approach to every child which sees the teachers, therapists, teaching assistants, parents and carers working together, beyond discipline specific approaches to ensure every child has a tailored provision of care throughout their school day.  The learning team commits to equally and continually discussing the needs of each child and providing the most effective education and therapeutic model of practice. They work to understand each other’s roles and work together to combine skills and understanding.  Each child is allocated a named key worker who is the child’s advocate.

A range of assessments is used to get an understanding of each child’s needs and provide individual and group based therapy based upon needs identified. Furthermore, our team work alongside teachers in the classrooms in providing the appropriate equipment, environment and provision for each learner.

Gesher offers a range of core therapies including speech therapy, occupational therapy and dramatherapy to promote self-esteem and confidence.  Gesher works with parents, families and carers to ensure continuity and consistency in the home environment. In addition to this, Gesher has a relationship with Educational and Clinical Psychologists to ensure a continuous team of expertise around each child.