Aims and Ethos

Gesher Aims

Gesher is an independent Jewish primary special school whose aim is to offer children with special educational needs an exemplary and tailored education.  Gesher will ensure that every child’s needs are met through a whole and multi-therapeutic team approach.  Gesher aims to give children the confidence and resilience to maximise their potential and where appropriate access opportunities for inclusion, and to work closely with families and Local Authorities to support this process.  Gesher provides facilities for the research into understanding Autism in primary aged children, and as such methods of assessing, advising and providing education for them.

Gesher Ethos

Gesher’s ethos will foster a culture of respect, kindness and understanding.  Our philosophy is based on four key propositions:

  • The importance of relationships in the education of young people
  • The importance of a holistic approach to the education of young people
  • The importance of building resilience in young people
  • The importance of responding to each young person’s needs and aspirations

 Gesher Jewish Values 

Gesher will warmly welcome any child from any Jewish background.  The school will adopt a Modern Orthodox approach. Gesher’s Jewish ethos will be translated into a variety of teaching methods.  Children will learn both from the school’s curriculum and culture via differing methods of action, including celebration, learning and playing.  The school will observe Shabbat and Chagim with early closing on Fridays in the winter months.  Jewish Values, ‘Veahavta Lareach hakomacha’, treating all with respect, will lie at the heart of the school’s philosophy.

Gesher will seek to promote the warmth and essence of the Jewish religion; this will be embedded throughout the curriculum.  Through this, we aim to instill an understanding of the Jewish religion in the context of the wider world in which we live today and framework of other religions.

Whilst Gesher will be a Jewish faith school it will also place importance on teaching its pupils British values and celebrating the diversity of races and religions in the country.  The school will promote a culture of inclusivity and understanding amongst the pupils and will actively seek to forge relationships with other local schools so that Gesher children can learn about other cultures.  Gesher will place great importance on teaching its pupils about and respect for British values and establishments including the monarchy, history, and the civic establishments that underpin our society such as the police force and fire brigade. This will include lessons, outings to museums and inviting speakers into the school.