Our Curriculum

Gesher has a multi-dimensional, personalised curriculum that will vary according to the needs and aspirations of each child, alongside this the learning team around the child will ensure that each child meets their full potential through addressing the barriers to leaning that they may experience as a result of their special educational need.

Learning at Gesher will include all or elements of the National Curriculum. Most children will work extensively on Communication, Language and Literacy covering receptive and expressive communication.  Social skills and peer interactions will form a prominent part of the school experience.  Life Skills will focus on maximising individual independence.

All children need time to play and time to be; the Creative Arts, particularly drama, dance, music and art, will promote self-esteem and self-confidence.  Other key areas of learning are likely to be Problem Solving and Thinking, the essential element of Gesher’s thinking philosophy; Physical Wellbeing; and ICT and Social Media.