Jewish Studies

The Jewish Studies (Kodesh) Curriculum at Gesher is designed to ensure that our pupils gain the necessary knowledge, skills and commitment to live a life dedicated to Judaism; whether it be through Avahat Torah (love of Torah), Ahavat Hashem (love of G-d), Ahavat Chinam (loving others freely without judgement) as well as Social Action and Community Service.

Pirkei Avot suggests that ‘the world rests upon three things: Torah (Bible), Avodah (Worship) and Gemilut Chasadim (Acts of Loving Kindess)”. This sentiment underpins the ideology that runs through our Kodesh Curriculum, which has been built on delivering a well-rounded education based on 4 essential pillars: Jewish Way of Life, The Jewish Year, Tefillah (Prayer) and Torah (Parsha). Within these pillars, our pupils are further encouraged to embrace Jewish Traditions and Values, Chagim (Festivals), Commemorative Days, Brachot (Blessings), Zionism and a deep rooted love for Hashem.

Our Kodesh Curriculum is further designed to ensure that:

  • Pupils are encouraged to accept responsibility not just personally but socially as well; putting specific focus on the importance of doing Mitzvot (Good Deeds), giving Tzedakah (Charity) and volunteering to help solve social problems that are important in their communities.
  • Pupils are instilled with a sense of belonging as they explore a long chain of traditions, beliefs and values that connect them not only to the past, but to a present-day global community.
  • Pupils are not only exposed to, but educated, on global denominations, faiths, backgrounds and traditions, and how to respect and honour these cultural differences.
  • The diversity of our student population is reflected in the curriculum, and appreciates the varying commitments each pupil and family has to Judaism and the religious commitments they choose to make.

A brief overview of our weekly Kodesh learning is comprised of: Differentiated Jewish Studies Lessons, In-depth weekly Parasha Lessons, Oneg Shabbat & Havdallah Assemblies, Extra-Curricular Hebrew Reading Program, Weekly Middot and Kodesh Corner fortnightly in our school newsletter.