At Gesher there is a strong commitment to community cohesion;  we believe a cohesive community is one that shares a common vision and values the diversity of all its members.  Gesher recognises that it has an important role to play in fostering social cohesion, offering opportunities for pupils and the wider community to share resources and learn from one another

Gesher School strives to ensure that children are included in all aspects of school life and that there are child-centred programmes around opportunities for inclusion for each Gesher child.  It is a priority for every Gesher pupil to have access to all areas of learning, playing and developing within the Gesher School environment.

Pupils come together for assemblies, playtimes, clubs and special events.  Classes also come together for special activities, e.g. on World Book Day and Science Day where older students work with younger students to share stories and science experiments. The whole school comes together for special assemblies at the end of each term.  All pupils take part in educational visits to support the curriculum and we also invite a wide range of special visitors into school to give pupils real experiences.

Gesher pupils benefit from relationships with children from mainstream Jewish schools where they are invited into Gesher for a number of joint planned activities such as celebrating Chagim together.  In addition to this Gesher pupils benefit from many links with schools and organisations in Brent and Barnet.