Gesher’s Big Build Partners

Beverley Hills Jewellers are proud to be supporting such an incredible school! Wishing you lots of luck on reaching your target.
Proud supporters of Gesher School



Wishing Gesher luck with the Campaign



We are delighted to support this wonderful school.  May the school go from strength to strength
SFC are proud to be donating to such a fantastic and wonderful cause! Good luck to team and hope you reach your target!
We are deeply happy about being part of this prestigious project and we believe our contribution will help make a difference. Amco Care provides support to adults with learning disabilities.


We’ve loved every minute working alongside Gesher staff and students and look forward to many more years to come!
After five years of working together, cube_design is delighted to support the Gesher Trust in the development of their new premises. The opportunities that you give to your students, makes us proud to be associated and we wish you every success in your new school.

Gesher School believes that every child deserves to be empowered, and Gleeds are honoured to help support their vision.

We wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts which will make a huge difference to your pupils, their families and your staff at the school.

“Wishing you all the best for the future and delighted to be supporting Gesher School in this exciting project”


We at Big Time Academy are delighted to support such a worthy cause. Our co-founder is dyslexic and without specialist support as a child growing up in Israel, he would have struggled with his education. As a family business with an autistic child, we’re delighted to help in some small way. 

999 Medical
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We wish you a successful future and look forward to supporting you

We wish Gesher School every success with their ‘Big Build’ campaign. It’s so important that every child gets the best education they can, to give them the confidence & skills they need as they go through life and this project will bring that benefit to more children, which is wonderful.

Gesher provides vital support to children in our community and we’re proud to support them

CMSAUK LTD are proud and honoured to help support Gersher School’s big build project and hope that they achieve all the success and happiness for their vision.


We are delighted to be supporting Gesher’s campaign and hope the Big Build is a great success!

Thank you Gesher for all you do for our Kinloss members


We are delighted that Gesher is coming to Pinner in September and look forward partnering with the school and building the relationship in our neighbourhood.

We look forward to welcoming Gesher to the community and wholeheartedly support the wonderful work they have done so far in helping young people with educational needs. We hope that the Big Build Campaign is a huge success and are excited to take part in it.