Gesher Secondary

With the expansion into Secondary Education, the Gesher team has collaborated with the Innovation Unit to develop the most effective school design process and principles to ensure we continue to offer Outstanding Education to all our pupils. We continue to evaluate our practice so that we remain a school that reimagines how children and young people with SEN in the UK are educated and how they can become the most successful citizens they can be!

Our initial provision will be for Year 7 pupils, with additional year groups being added to the school cohort annually as the school continues to grow organically. To support this expansion, Gesher will be relocating to a new site in Canon Lane, Pinner. We look forward to expanding the Gesher community in the coming years and starting this new chapter in our story.

Gesher’s design principles inform every aspect of learning, infrastructure, environment, space and strategy. Our school is built on relationships, highly personalised learning, reflection and collaboration. We offer a curriculum that aims to achieve academic rigour while building on real-world learning connections and community. We nurture creativity, confidence and passion, so our children and young people learn the skills they need to thrive today and in the future.


Every student profoundly well known

Highly Personalised Learning

Learning informed by students’ passions & interests

Reflection and Collaboration

A culture of reflective practice, and collaborative peer learning

Academic Rigour and Real World Learning

Learning will be academically rigorous and authentic - connected to real world tasks in the adult world.

Parents and Community as Partners

Parents and community as partners in learning