• Seorah Class Curriculum Map 27 Sep 18

    Seorah Autmun 1 Curriculum Map

    As promised, here is our Curriculum Map for Autumn Term 1.
    Happy reading!



  • Week 3 in Seorah Class! 21 Sep 18

    We’ve had a very busy week in Seorah Class – especially with it being a shorter week than usual! We began the week by learning about Yom Kippur, and how important it is to say sorry to our family and friends when we’ve upset them. Since coming back to school, we have started making decorations for our next holiday, Sukkot, and are getting very excited for all the celebrations ahead. Next week we will be having snack and lunchtime in the Sukkah, which we are really looking forward to!

    This week in Literacy we read the story “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?”. Children were encouraged to listen and participate in the reading, while other students spoke about what they saw in the storybook pictures, and predicted missing words whilst the teacher read!

    In Maths we worked on mastering our counting and identifying numbers 1-10. Some children practiced adding one more to groups of numbers, while others identified different quantities. We listened to our favourite maths songs, and played some counting games during free play.

    Have a lovely weekend, and a very happy Sukkot to those celebrating!


  • The job of a Scientist: predicting, experimenting and justifying! 22 Jun 18

    We have been learning lots of key skills needed to be a Scientist this week. In Art, we experimented with a new technique. We used droppers to draw up some paint and drop some on the paper. Then we used a straw to blow the paint around the paper. The results looked incredible! Some children have been practising their prediction skills in Literacy. They examined the front cover of a book and used these clues to predict what the title might be and what the story might be about. We’re also learning that different people predict different things and have different opinions. In Science, we were given a variety of objects and asked to choose some objects and sort them into groups. Pupils then had to justify why they had grouped them in the way they did. We have continued to work on our Israel 70 projects. Our clay models had dried and we added some colour to our models using paint. Some pupils have recreated their special item by collaging with paper. Others have started to use Clicker 7 to write a short paragraph about their special items. We’re excited to see the final outcome!

  • Interviews, Nessy Fingers and Science! 15 Jun 18

    Thank you for bringing in your special photos and items as part of the Israel 70 project. On Wednesday, we interviewed each other to find out about the special people in our photographs and to find out a little bit about the special items that we had brought in. Then we recreated the item which represents our faith or belief with clay. We were very excited to try out a new resource on the Chromebooks called Nessy Fingers with our Occupational Theraist, Claire. Nessy Fingers helps us to learn where to place our fingers on the keyboard and develop our typing skills.  In Art, we discussed healthy foods and then decorated chef’s hats with images and representations of healthy food using a range of different resources. In Science, we continued to look at different materials. Some pupils worked on choosing their preferred material or rejecting materials that they didn’t like. Other pupils identified the material that an object was made from and then practised discussing some of the material’s properties. Seorah class will be going swimming on Monday 18th June, remember your swimming gear!

  • A whale of a time! 25 May 18
    Wow! Another half term has flown by. This week in Maths, some of our pupils have been focusing on positional language, such as above, below, between, behind, in front of. We looked at a picture of an underwater scene and described where different sea creatures were in the scene using this language. Other pupils were matching big and small objects, such as cars and balls. In Topic, we looked at the impact of ocean pollution on sea animals. We watched a video and we were sad to see a dolphin playing with a plastic bag, a seal with plastic around his nose and a turtle stuck in a fishing net. After, we played an interactive game on the whiteboard where we practised identifying what material different items were made of and which recycling bin they should go in.  Following on from this, we recycled shoe boxes and cardboard boxes and made magical underwater scenes. Some pupils were very creative with their inventions!
    A reminder that Seorah class will be going swimming on Monday 4th June. Remember your swimming costumes and a towel! I hope everyone enjoys their holidays.
  • Past and present, and xylophones! 18 May 18

     We have been doing a lot of work on features of non-fiction this week and we are getting good at finding features such as the contents page, labels, captions and index. We have started to make our own non-fiction books about sea animals, which include these features. In History, we have been looking at past and present and this week we focused on toys from the past and present. Some pupils said that toys from the past are made of wood and toys now are made of plastic and glass. One pupil said that toys are now made in factories and asked if we could see how toys are made. We watched a video of how PlayMobil used to be made and how it has changed over the years and then we saw inside a Lego factory, with all the big steel molds. It was very interesting! In Music, we explored the xylophone and high and low notes. We had lots of fun playing the xylophone! 

  • A short week! 11 May 18

    We have crammed a lot of fun into 3 days this week! After learning about hermit crabs last week from ‘Sharing a Shell’ and reading information about crabs in Literacy, we made our very own hermit crabs in Art on Thursday. We made these with our hand print and a paper plate. The hermit crabs make a great addition to our Under the Sea display! 

    In Science, we explored the question ‘what makes a fish a fish’ and learned that there are 4 things that animals need to have to be a fish. They need to live in water. They need to have gills to take oxygen from their environment. They need to have fins to move through the water and they need to have vertebrae for support and movement.

    In PSHE, we have reviewed our class charter and chosen the expectations that we want for our classroom. This also links to Jewish Studies where we were learning about the 10 commandments and we each came up with 10 commandments that we think we should live by. See if you can come up with some expectations for home too.

  • A week of sea animals and ships! 03 May 18

    We took advantage of some sun this week and took our Phonics lesson outdoors. We used chalk to practise writing the sounds s, a and t and words with oa, ee, or and ie. These are some of the sounds we have been learning recently.  In History, we watched an animated video about the Titanic. We learned that the Titanic hit an iceberg, which caused it to sink. One of our pupils said that it should have sailed during the day instead and the captain might have been able to see the iceberg and gone round it instead! That seems like logical thinking! We made an octopus in Art. Pupils used lots of fine motor skills to make their octopus. They cut out a circular body and 8 tentacles then glued cheerios down each tentacle, before painting their octopus in their favourite colour. 

    I hope everyone enjoys a sunny bank holiday weekend and we will see you on Wednesday for some more under the sea fun!

  • This week in Seorah 27 Apr 18

     This week in Literacy, we have been developing our awareness of non-fiction books and exploring the features of fiction and non-fiction. We noticed that non-fiction books have photographs, a contents page and labels and fiction books are imaginative stories that usually have drawings or illustrations. We have been learning all things ‘measuring’ in Maths, from big and small, to heavier and lighter and ordering from heaviest to lightest. In Science, we looked at different aquariums across the world and talked about the animals that we could see living in the aquariums. Some children shared their experiences of visiting aquariums in London. We made fruit ice lollies in Cooking. We explored the ingredients first, by touching, smelling and sometimes tasting and then chose the ingredients we wanted in our lolly. Then we used the blender to blend it all up before pouring into a cup. Unfortunately, they hadn’t quite frozen by home time so we will leave them in the freezer over the weekend. Check back for more exciting news next week!

  • Welcome to Seorah’s Class Blog! 13 Apr 18

    Welcome to our new class blog.

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring break. It is good to see everyone back at school for the Summer term. We have our fingers crossed for some sunshine and look forward to lots of outdoor learning this term!

    Our topic is ‘Under the Sea’. We will be learning all about sea animals, habitats and the Titantic, in Literacy, Maths, Science and cross-curricular subjects.

    Have a look at our Curriculum Map to see all of the exciting activities we have planned.

    Please check back regularly as we will be updating our blog throughout the term.