• Summer 1 Curriculum Map 08 May 19
  • Spring Term 1 Curriculum Map 17 Jan 19
  • Happy Holidays from Seorah Class! 21 Dec 18

    And that’s a wrap!

    We have made it to the end of our first term having learned loads, made new friendships and full of smiles and great memories of all the fun we have had since September!

    We spent the beginning half of the week consolidating our skills in Maths and Literacy; reviewing some of our old targets, and briefly exploring new ideas and concepts in preparation for next term!!  We spent the second half of the week celebrating all of our achievements this term, and saying goodbye to some of our most favourite staff.

    On Thursday, we had a very exciting visit from Shabbat UK and the Chief Rabbi, where we showcased our singing, joining in with him in rendition of Lecha Dodi! The children were FABULOUS, and I can’t wait to see the film of them singing and dancing. We were all so proud!

    I hope everyone has a lovely holiday full of rest and time well spent with family and friends. I look forward to seeing you back in January for another fun exciting term at Gesher!

    Marli Stein


  • Seorah’s Week – And the Cinema!! 17 Dec 18

    And we are officially one week away from the end of first term! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

    In Maths this week we started focusing on ‘time’ in regards to ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Yesterday’. The students began sequencing the days of the week, and some of them were able to identify which lessons fall on certain days within our schedule! Next week we will recap our terms learning, making sure we’ve mastered all of our skills and are ready for the new term.

    In Literacy we wrapped up our unit on Space! The students really enjoyed learning all about Space – from Space travel to Space Food to learning all about the planets in our solar system. I have loved seeing the homework projects the students have brought in – they have done a wonderful job showcasing their knowledge!!

    We had a FABULOUS time at the cinema on Thursday! As a last minute change, we watched the Lion King, rather than the Greatest Showman, but the students loved it nonetheless. We were able to practice our road safety skills, and showed great listening whilst on public transport. I was really proud of how well they all were outside of our school environment.

    See you next week, for our last week of the term!!!!

    Marli Stein

  • Happy Hanukkah!!! 06 Dec 18

    We’ve had such a fun week filled with Hanukkah celebrations! Every day this week during assembly we have lit the Hanukkah candles together as a school, listened to and sung some beautiful Hanukkah songs and have participated in various Hanukkah activities – sun catcher making, dreidel battles, and building menorahs out of lego! The students have had a fabulous time celebrating, and were so happy to see their parents at school for the family assembly we had on Thursday!

    We are starting to wrap up our Space learning, and spent the week exploring orbits and the solar system. The students learned about orbits, and can now talk about how planets circle around the sun! They started building a solar system during Literacy on Wednesday, and will continue with their work next week.

    In Maths, some of us started looking at ordinal numbers, participating in an active reading of ‘Room on the Broom’, placing the story characters onto a broom in sequential order. Other students looked at quantifying groups, differentiating between ‘One’, ‘Lots’, ‘More’ and ‘Less’.

    In Science this week we dissected flowers! The students really enjoying being given magnifying glasses to inspect their flowers, and were really hands on when it came time to locating and dissecting parts of their flower.

    Wishing everyone a very happy last few days of Hanukkah, and see you on Monday!


  • Diwali, Swimming and Mitzvah Day! What a busy week in Seorah Class! 23 Nov 18

    And we’ve officially reached the half-way mark of term! Despite the arrival of the cold winter, our students have been showing up to school with big smiles ready to learn.

    This week during our Space themed lesson the students learned all about Space Food. We discussed why it’s important for astronauts to eat healthy foods in space, and we discussed the differences between Space Food and the food we eat here on earth. The students all had a chance to try ‘Space Food’ – tasting different dried fruits and vegetables!

    In Maths, some of the children achieved their colour identification targets, while others recognised, sorted and completed simple addition sums with 1p, 2p, 10p and 20p coins.

    We wrapped up our learning on Diwali with a special activity; we had a guest come visit us at school and taught us how to cook traditional Diwali treats and make celebratory decorations. The students worked together with D’Vash class, and had a really fun time participating in the different activities.

    Enjoy the weekend, and we will see you back at school on Monday!

  • Seorah Class Curriculum Map 27 Sep 18

    Seorah Autmun 1 Curriculum Map

    As promised, here is our Curriculum Map for Autumn Term 1.
    Happy reading!



  • Week 3 in Seorah Class! 21 Sep 18

    We’ve had a very busy week in Seorah Class – especially with it being a shorter week than usual! We began the week by learning about Yom Kippur, and how important it is to say sorry to our family and friends when we’ve upset them. Since coming back to school, we have started making decorations for our next holiday, Sukkot, and are getting very excited for all the celebrations ahead. Next week we will be having snack and lunchtime in the Sukkah, which we are really looking forward to!

    This week in Literacy we read the story “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?”. Children were encouraged to listen and participate in the reading, while other students spoke about what they saw in the storybook pictures, and predicted missing words whilst the teacher read!

    In Maths we worked on mastering our counting and identifying numbers 1-10. Some children practiced adding one more to groups of numbers, while others identified different quantities. We listened to our favourite maths songs, and played some counting games during free play.

    Have a lovely weekend, and a very happy Sukkot to those celebrating!


  • The job of a Scientist: predicting, experimenting and justifying! 22 Jun 18

    We have been learning lots of key skills needed to be a Scientist this week. In Art, we experimented with a new technique. We used droppers to draw up some paint and drop some on the paper. Then we used a straw to blow the paint around the paper. The results looked incredible! Some children have been practising their prediction skills in Literacy. They examined the front cover of a book and used these clues to predict what the title might be and what the story might be about. We’re also learning that different people predict different things and have different opinions. In Science, we were given a variety of objects and asked to choose some objects and sort them into groups. Pupils then had to justify why they had grouped them in the way they did. We have continued to work on our Israel 70 projects. Our clay models had dried and we added some colour to our models using paint. Some pupils have recreated their special item by collaging with paper. Others have started to use Clicker 7 to write a short paragraph about their special items. We’re excited to see the final outcome!

  • Interviews, Nessy Fingers and Science! 15 Jun 18

    Thank you for bringing in your special photos and items as part of the Israel 70 project. On Wednesday, we interviewed each other to find out about the special people in our photographs and to find out a little bit about the special items that we had brought in. Then we recreated the item which represents our faith or belief with clay. We were very excited to try out a new resource on the Chromebooks called Nessy Fingers with our Occupational Theraist, Claire. Nessy Fingers helps us to learn where to place our fingers on the keyboard and develop our typing skills.  In Art, we discussed healthy foods and then decorated chef’s hats with images and representations of healthy food using a range of different resources. In Science, we continued to look at different materials. Some pupils worked on choosing their preferred material or rejecting materials that they didn’t like. Other pupils identified the material that an object was made from and then practised discussing some of the material’s properties. Seorah class will be going swimming on Monday 18th June, remember your swimming gear!