• Who We Want To Be 08 Nov 19

    In Rimon class, we have got off to a busy start.
    Our theme for this term is ‘Who we want to be’ which we have enjoyed discussing from a number of different angles.
    In Literacy, we are learning about morals and about making good and bad choices.  We enjoyed watching and listening to a number of stories including, ‘The boy who cried wolf’, ‘The hare and the tortoise’ and ‘The rainbow fish’.  We identified the morals in these stories and are practising implementing these into our school day.
    In Maths, we are continuing to challenge ourselves with place value, addition and subtraction.  Some children have been practising representing numbers in different ways and have been collecting lovely Autumn leaves to use in their Maths lesson for counting. All the children have been working hard and it really shows as they are improving their addition and counting skills.
    In topic we are looking back at inspirational people and why they are an inspiration to us.  We are also discussing people in Gesher school and in our community, who help us and keep our community safe and clean.  In art and design, we are using Banksy’s artistic techniques and are excited to create our own Banksy inspired work.
    I am really proud of everyone in Rimon class as we have been practising being a good friend to one another.  We remember to use kind hands and have been working as a team in some of our PSHE games.  It has been a great start to the new half term.

  • Rimon Curriculum Map Autumn 2 04 Nov 19
  • Rimon Curriculum Map Autumn 1 04 Nov 19
  • A Map of Our School. 04 Nov 19

    We have been very busy learning the last two weeks in Rimon class.

    In maths we have been doing super work in addition and subtraction.  We have been practising our number bonds to different numbers and are really getting the hang of them.

    Our Literacy for the last two weeks have been linked to Yom Kippur and how sometimes when we make bad choices we have to say sorry.  We loved reading and acting out the story of Goldilocks to represent how the different characters were feeling after Goldilocks made bad choices and also what Goldilocks could do to fix this.

    In Geography we had great fun making a map of our school.  We used Google maps to find Gesher and then drew a map of some of the places we see on our journey to school.

    In P.E, we have been practising our ball handling skills.  We are getting better at passing, catching and dribbling the ball.

    Rimon class have been really lucky to have a new member join our class.  We all have had a great time getting to know one another and are looking forward to another term of fun, friendship and learning.

    Have a happy and restful half term,
    Shabbat Shalom,
    Miss Aine

  • The Way Back Home 04 Nov 19

    The last two weeks in Rimon class we have been busy learning and getting to know one another.

    In literacy, we focused on the book ‘the way back home’ by Oliver Jeffers, which took us on a journey to the moon.  We learned about how to be safe while travelling and about making new friends.  We even had our own adventure where we made believe we were going to the moon.

    In numeracy, we have been building our skills on place value, addition and subtraction using concrete materials to help us.  Some of us enjoyed going on a number hunt around the classroom.

    In topic, it was really nice to see some pictures of one another from when we were babies.  Thank you for those who shared their pictures with us. If you haven’t brought one in yet, please do so, we would love to see them!

    In science, we have been showing off our mighty muscles!  We have now learnt about why we have bones and muscles in our body and the muscles we use when moving different body parts.

    Last Friday, we were busy cooking up a storm and made apple and raison cake pops! We worked as a team to make them. They smelled delicious!  In the coming two weeks, we will be continuing our theme of ‘what makes us human’.  We have started a new and exciting book called ‘giraffes can’t dance’ to help us understand that everyone has different talents.  In maths we will continue practising place value, addition and subtraction.  We are also looking forward to celebrating and preparing for Rosh Hashanah. I am excited to celebrate this and Yom Kippur in the upcoming weeks with Rimon class.  Finally, a big well done to all the children in Rimon class for a fantastic first few weeks together.

    Shabbat Shalom,

  • What Makes Us Human 04 Nov 19

    Rimon class has had a wonderful start to the new year.  We have had great fun in our first week getting to know each other and playing lots of games.  We have all been very excited about getting started on our topic for this term ‘What makes us human’. Over the next few weeks we will be learning all about humans.

    This week in science we started learning about the parts of our body including our bones.  We made life sized cut outs of the children to help us learn where each of the body parts are.  In literacy, we have been introducing ourselves and finding out differences and similarities between us.  This has been really fun as it is an opportunity to discover more and more about each other.  In maths, the children have been impressing Miss Scott with what they know.  We have been recapping maths concepts from last year and are ready for getting our maths brains switched on for the coming weeks.

    In topic and art we are excited to create portraits using many famous artists for inspiration. Last week we began by looking in mirrors at the features on our faces and sketching the outlines of our faces.  I must say we may have the next Andy Warhol in Rimon class! The children will also be making timelines of their lives in the coming weeks so keep an eye out on Seasaw for all this amazing work.

    I must say it’s been a great first week and we are looking forward to see what this year brings us.

    Shabbat Shalom,
    Aine Scott

  • Summer 1 curriculum map 07 May 19

    Welcome to Summer 1! Our topic this term is minibeasts.

    Please see our curriculum map attached.

  • Spring 1 Curriculum Map 08 Jan 19

    Please take a look at Rimon’s curriculum map for Spring 1. Our topic is ‘Journey through Ancient Egypt.’

  • Week 7 20 Dec 18

    Rimon class have had a wonderful time after all the celebrations last week for Chanukah. We’ve had lots happening this week; learning lots, swimming, and an amazing trip to the Everyman Cinema!
    In Maths this week, the class has been learning about measurements – liquids and the temperature in particular. We have enjoyed interactive games about measurements on the whiteboard and pouring water into measuring tubes to take our own measurements. While some of us have practised sequencing numbers in ‘Five little monkesy.’ In Science, we have also been learning about the different types of eclipses that can take place.
    As well as our usual swimming trip on Wednesday, we got to go on a special trip to the Everyman Cinema on Thursday morning to see The Lion King! It was amazing! It was really lovely for the students to have a trip all together. We even got to take the bus there which was an enjoyable and exciting experience for all the students.
    Jewish Studies saw the children learn about the making of a Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll). We watched a quick video about how the Torah is handwritten and takes two years to write just one scroll! The students also have been continuing their personal siddurim (prayer books) by sticking down the words to the song ‘Torah Torah’ whilst singing it aloud.
    During Literacy, we have been continuing our reports from last week about the Stone Age. As well as this, we have received letters from different people in the Stone Age. This has helped us learn how to write a letter; what we should include and try and write one of our own ourselves. Meanwhile, other children have been matching symbols to objects in the book ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth.’
    Next week we are looking forward to winding down for the winter holidays.
    Shabbat Shalom!
    Miss Rowan

  • Rimon’s final week 20 Dec 18

    We’ve had lots happening this week at Gesher, where we have celebrated the final week of term and also learnt about Christmas holiday traditions around the world with Mr Chris. We have been swimming, had a special visit from the Chief Rabbi, and we have also been visited by the National Autistic Society!
    Last week, we started writing letters to people as if we were in the Stone Age and this week we finished them. Everyone wrote great letters sharing with their pen pal what they saw in the Stone Age, where they live, and asking great questions to whomever they were writing to.
    In PSHE, we chose and voted to make a healthy meal as a class. The winner was tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches. We made them, cut them and ate them! They were delicious.
    In Science this week, the class have been learning about magnets. Learning about positives and negatives and which ones attract and repel. We played a great magnet game to demonstrate this with a mat and a car with magnets in the boot and front. We used another magnet with a matching side to the magnet in the car boot and as it moved closer to the car, it drove itself! We will continue this next term.
    As well as a swimming trip this week on Wednesday, we had a very special visit from the Chief Rabbi for Shabbat UK which is in March. We have been learning the song ‘Lecha Dodi’ in singing for the past 3 months in order to sing it with the Chief Rabbi. We sung it whilst being filmed for a special video for Shabbat UK. This was a great experience! We also had another visit On Thursday from the National Autistic Society. They brought in colourful shirts and a camera to take photographs of some children for Autism Awareness week next year.
    In Jewish Studies, the students have been continuing their personal siddurim (prayer books) by sticking down the words to the song ‘Shema’. We also designed our front covers for the siddurim on JStudio on the iPad. This was great fun!
    Have a great winter break!

    Shabbat Shalom.
    Miss Rowan