• Summer 1 curriculum map 07 May 19

    Welcome to Summer 1! Our topic this term is minibeasts.

    Please see our curriculum map attached.

  • Spring 1 Curriculum Map 08 Jan 19

    Please take a look at Rimon’s curriculum map for Spring 1. Our topic is ‘Journey through Ancient Egypt.’

  • Week 7 20 Dec 18

    Rimon class have had a wonderful time after all the celebrations last week for Chanukah. We’ve had lots happening this week; learning lots, swimming, and an amazing trip to the Everyman Cinema!
    In Maths this week, the class has been learning about measurements – liquids and the temperature in particular. We have enjoyed interactive games about measurements on the whiteboard and pouring water into measuring tubes to take our own measurements. While some of us have practised sequencing numbers in ‘Five little monkesy.’ In Science, we have also been learning about the different types of eclipses that can take place.
    As well as our usual swimming trip on Wednesday, we got to go on a special trip to the Everyman Cinema on Thursday morning to see The Lion King! It was amazing! It was really lovely for the students to have a trip all together. We even got to take the bus there which was an enjoyable and exciting experience for all the students.
    Jewish Studies saw the children learn about the making of a Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll). We watched a quick video about how the Torah is handwritten and takes two years to write just one scroll! The students also have been continuing their personal siddurim (prayer books) by sticking down the words to the song ‘Torah Torah’ whilst singing it aloud.
    During Literacy, we have been continuing our reports from last week about the Stone Age. As well as this, we have received letters from different people in the Stone Age. This has helped us learn how to write a letter; what we should include and try and write one of our own ourselves. Meanwhile, other children have been matching symbols to objects in the book ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth.’
    Next week we are looking forward to winding down for the winter holidays.
    Shabbat Shalom!
    Miss Rowan

  • Rimon’s final week 20 Dec 18

    We’ve had lots happening this week at Gesher, where we have celebrated the final week of term and also learnt about Christmas holiday traditions around the world with Mr Chris. We have been swimming, had a special visit from the Chief Rabbi, and we have also been visited by the National Autistic Society!
    Last week, we started writing letters to people as if we were in the Stone Age and this week we finished them. Everyone wrote great letters sharing with their pen pal what they saw in the Stone Age, where they live, and asking great questions to whomever they were writing to.
    In PSHE, we chose and voted to make a healthy meal as a class. The winner was tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches. We made them, cut them and ate them! They were delicious.
    In Science this week, the class have been learning about magnets. Learning about positives and negatives and which ones attract and repel. We played a great magnet game to demonstrate this with a mat and a car with magnets in the boot and front. We used another magnet with a matching side to the magnet in the car boot and as it moved closer to the car, it drove itself! We will continue this next term.
    As well as a swimming trip this week on Wednesday, we had a very special visit from the Chief Rabbi for Shabbat UK which is in March. We have been learning the song ‘Lecha Dodi’ in singing for the past 3 months in order to sing it with the Chief Rabbi. We sung it whilst being filmed for a special video for Shabbat UK. This was a great experience! We also had another visit On Thursday from the National Autistic Society. They brought in colourful shirts and a camera to take photographs of some children for Autism Awareness week next year.
    In Jewish Studies, the students have been continuing their personal siddurim (prayer books) by sticking down the words to the song ‘Shema’. We also designed our front covers for the siddurim on JStudio on the iPad. This was great fun!
    Have a great winter break!

    Shabbat Shalom.
    Miss Rowan

  • 15 Nov 18

    Another week has flown by. Rimon class have been up to all sorts. In Maths, we are all finished with addition and subtraction and are ready to move onto multiplication and division.
    In Literacy, we have enjoyed a new story all about a boy genius called Ug. We have enjoyed creating a story mountain detailing the important parts of his life. He was so clever he invented a wheel, 10,000 years ago! Unfortunately, nobody would listen to him… Next week, we are going to start writing stories inspired by Ug. Watch this space!
    We made our very own mezuzahs in Jewish Studies, complete with a tiny scroll. They look fantastic.
    In ICT, we started coding. To code, we had to follow and write really simple instructions. After that, we felt ready to move onto getting robots to follow simple sequences using forwards, turning right and left on a programme called A.L.E.X.
    During Science, we predicted which items were going to be reflected by the torch and those that weren’t. We tested our predictions by going into the art cupboard (where it was very dark!) and shining the torch onto the objects. It was amazing how bright the room became with white, shiny card and a torch. We also tested Jacob’s security reflective jacket – that was almost glow in the dark!
    What a fun week.
    Shabbat Shalom
    Miss Rowan

  • Archaeologists and scientific investigators! 12 Nov 18

    Rimon class have had an action packed week this week. We have really been getting stuck into our learning. Our Maths just keeps getting better and better, Miss Rowan can barely keep us with our subtraction and multiplication skills! The column method and long multiplication are a doddle now.
    In Literacy, we have worked hard on writing up our Stone Age diaries written from the perspective of Om, a cavegirl and a lost boy. We have been trying really hard to describe everything really clearly so our readers can understand how what we might see and feel.
    Jewish Studies this week taught us all about the Shema, a special prayer found in the mezuzah. We then practised writing with a feather, just like the scriptures in the Torah. It turns out it is very tricky!
    Topic turned us into archaeologists! We learnt all about what kind of things archaeologists find and then we had a go digging for our very own fossils. It was hard work but eventually we found a little dinosaur skull!
    The exploring didn’t stop there – in Science we conducted our very own experiment all about dark and light. To start with, we sorted some light sources into most bright and most dull and discussed where dark and light places can be found around school. Then we entered the hall, where a dark, sensory tunnel awaited us. We had three different light sources to choose: a fibre optic fairy wand, a torch and a plastic candle. We tried all three and all decided the torch was the brightest!
    What a fantastic week of learning and exploring!

  • Autumn 2 Curriculum Map – Exploring the Stone Age 01 Nov 18

    Here is our curriculum map for Autumn 2 – we are exploring the Stone Age!

  • End of Autumn 1 with Rimon Class 29 Oct 18

    What a final week for Autumn 1! It might have felt very short but we have managed to fit a lot in! We started off our week with an amazing trip to the Natural History Museum, where we took part in a Dino Scene Investigation workshop. We excavated our very own fossil and learnt how fossils are formed. Then we went all around the museum, focusing on learning about rocks and gems. We snuck in some time checking out the volcanoes and earthquakes too! Check out Seesaw to see some pictures.
    In Literacy, we began thinking about how we could survive in the Antarctic, with some of us choosing items to build a shelter and then designing our very own! Other members of the class, focused on what items of clothing are appropriate for different weather and seasons, practising putting them on and choosing between items. On Thursday, we made our very own den with Gefen class with the children leading the adults. It was fantastic! Some children chose to do their own mini shelter, while others collaborated on a larger one. We had to move our original shelter halfway through but we didn’t give up. The end result was fantastic. To top it all off, some of us wrote up instructions to build a shelter, while others focused on consolidating learning from the day before.
    In PSHE, we have started thinking about our class charter and what it means to have a happy, inclusive classroom. We have come up with many ideas of how we can respect each other and our rights.
    Maths has featured lots of addition this week! Some of the class have been practising formal methods of addition such as the column method while others have continued to follow sequences and patterns through ‘five little monkeys.’
    Our Middah this week was ‘good listening,’ and we have showcased that by listening clearly to instructions in class and in the playground.
    Have a wonderful half term! I am looking forward to our learning in Autumn 2.
    Shabbat Shalom
    Miss Rowan

  • What have Rimon class been up to this week? 28 Sep 18

    After another short week, Rimon class have managed to squeeze in lots of learning.
    In Literacy, we have been experimenting with different adjectives to describe the Antarctic landscape, while some of us have explored it through messy play and sensory journeys. Then we met Frank Worsley, the captain of Endurance. We explored the many different emotions he might be feeling shipwrecked on ice caps in the Weddell Sea. Now, Rimon have begun drafting a letter as a crew member, writing home to England.
    In History, we looked at time lining key events in Shackleton’s life, and our own. While in geography, we learnt the continents of the world!
    In Maths, we have been continuing to work on our place value and number skills. Some of the different areas this week have been: number bonds to 20, decimal places and distinguishing between numbers 1-5 and lots.
    Our Middah this week was ‘thank you.’ We also learnt all about the importance of sukkot, and made a miniature sukkah with lego. We have enjoyed eating our lunch in the sukkah and were lucky enough to have a special story from Miss Claire.
    I am looking forward to seeing you all next Wednesday!
    Chag Sameach
    Miss Rowan

  • Welcome To Rimon Classs Blog 21 Sep 18

    Welcome to Rimon Class’ blog!

    This week in Rimon class, we have been continuing to explore what Antarctica is like. After our journey through icy cold winds and snow, we decided we would like to be explorers. We wrote letters to Shackleton asking him to let us go on his expedition. Then we came up with items to pack in our suitcase, describing them with interesting adjectives. Some pupils developed their vocabulary through sensory journeys going under, over and through icebergs and tunnels!

    In Maths, we have been practising our number work experimenting with different resources and images – we are experts in counting with dienes, place value counters, pebbles and even penguins!

    Our Middah this week was ‘sorry’ We also learnt all about the importance of Yom Kippur, where Miss Danielle helped us practise saying sorry using the four-part apology in Jewish Studies. This will be useful for helping us in apologise in the future.

    In Art, we created some beautiful pictures inspired by two different artists. We experimented with pattern, texture and colour and are hoping to hang them in our new Gesher Art corner.

    We have also made some place for our sukkah, which we are looking forward to eating in next week.

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!

    Miss Rowan