• Summer 1 Curriculum Map 07 May 19

    We invite you to take a look at our curriculum map for Summer 1 to see the learning activities we have planned through our topic of Mini beasts!

  • We’re going on a journey to Ancient Egypt… 17 Jan 19

    For our topic this half term, we are going on a ‘journey to Ancient Egypt’. In Week 1, we discussed what we already know about Egypt and spoke about pyramids, Sphinx and the River Nile. After the discussion, pupils had some questions that they were left wondering about. Did crocodiles snap at people swimming in the River Nile? Are there any crocodile statues in Egypt? We watched a video all about Ancient Egypt to see if we could answer some of our questions and to learn more!

    We have been working on making predictions in Literacy this week. Using only the image on the front cover of the book, we predicted that the book would be about Egypt and a boy swimming in the River Nile, because we could see pyramids and people in a river. It turned out that the story was called ‘Nachshon, who was afraid to swim.’ We then read the story in sections, checking to see if our predictions had happened yet and if we wanted to use clues in the story to change our prediction. Towards the end, we predicted that the Israelites were going to have to swim because they were stuck between the Egyptians and the Sea of Reeds. Our prediction was almost correct. Nachshon was courageous and walked into the water.

    We have also been exploring Ancient Egyptian jewellery and necklaces in Art. We looked at lots of different necklaces and noticed that a lot of them are red, blue and gold in colour. They also have a lot of pattern. After looking at some necklaces for inspiration, we designed our own necklaces that included similar colours and patterns.

    In Maths, some pupils have been learning to add within 10 and others have been learning about multiplication. We have all been learning that we can use different strategies to help us. We can use objects or pictures to help us with addition or multiplication problems.

    We will be learning all about magnets in Science this half term. In Week 1, we explored magnets, then predicted if different objects were magnetic and investigated our predictions. We discovered that all of the objects that stuck to the magnet all had one thing in common; they were all made from metal.

  • Spring 1 Curriculum Map 12 Jan 19

    Take a look at Gefen’s curriculum map for Spring 1 term to see the exciting plans we have for our ‘Journey to Egypt’ topic.


  • Chanukah Olive Pressing 30 Nov 18

    This week in Literacy, some pupils have been demonstrating their ability to match rhyming words and continuing a rhyming string, as well as identifying how many syllables are in a word. Other pupils have been working on answering literal questions about a story.

    In Maths, we have been working on our number bonds using concrete resources and pictorial representations, while other pupils have been working on recognising and using the language of first, second, third and last.

    Gefen pupils participated in an Olive Pressing workshop on Wednesday. They engaged with the story of Chanukah and the relevance of olive oil. Pupils put the olives into the olive press and pulled the leaver to squash all of the juice out of the olives, before separating the juice and the oil. Rabbi Simon then used the oil that we made to light a wick for the menorah.

    We joined with Rimon class for Music and sang ‘Lecha Dodi’. We experimented with singing the song at different tempos, pitch and volume. Pupils said that the ‘Lecha Dodi’ song is a medium tempo and pitch.

    We are looking forward to lots of celebrations next week for Chanukah.

  • Stone Age storytelling 23 Nov 18

    This week in Gefen class for Literacy, some pupils have been working on creating their own stories based on the following statement ‘An amazing thing once happened to me. I was wandering in the woods when I tripped and found myself falling down, down, down. When I woke up…’ Each pupil had a very different narrative! Other pupils have been practising retelling the events in the Stone Age Boy and others have been practising searching for the puppet when it disappeared from view in the Stone Age story.

    In Maths, we have been working on following directions and using directional language. We have practised using our own bodies to move forwards, backwards, left and right and using directional language to record a route to an item on a map.

     In Topic, we discussed a day in the life of a Stone Age person. We learned that their names were often derived from nature, for example the Stone Age boy in the cartoon was called ‘Otter’. We also learned that the stone age people were able to travel by boat and they used fire to cook their food. 

  • Gefen Class exploring Stone Age non-fiction. 16 Nov 18

    This week in Gefen Class we have been exploring non-fiction books in Literacy. At the start of the week, we discussed the similarities and differences between fiction or story books and non-fiction books with real information and we sorted a pile of books into ‘fiction’ and ‘non-fiction’. We then looked for features of books. Some pupils worked on identifying a page, cover and picture; other pupils worked on identifying features of non-fiction books such as a contents page, glossary, index, photographs and labels.

    In Maths, some pupils have been working on following instructions that include positional language and then using positional language. First, they listened and followed instructions from an adult in order to build a Lego model, then used position words such as under, behind, in front of and next to describe where different animals were in a picture. Other pupils have been working on their awareness of ‘one’ and ‘lots’ by putting ‘one’ or ‘lots of’ marbles down the marble run.

    We explored objects which reflect light in Science. We discovered by shining a torch on different objects that a mirror, spoon and watch all reflect light. One pupil also said that the moon reflects the light from the sun!  

  • Caves, archaeologists and swimming! 09 Nov 18

    This week in Gefen class, we have been exploring light and dark in Science. We created a Stone Age cave in the classroom and agreed that the cavemen would have lit up their caves with fire back in the Stone Age. We explored different light sources in our cave including battery operated candles, torches, string lights and sensory light objects. However, pupils said the cave wasn’t quite dark enough to enjoy the lights. Some of the pupils suggested how we could make the cave even darker; by turning off the lights in the room and closing the blinds. 

    We have also been learning about the role of an archaeologist in History. We learned that archeologists study things that were left behind by the people who lived before us.

    Gefen pupils appeared to enjoy their first swimming session this year. Pupils participated in structured lesson time and then enjoyed some free play where they played with balls and floats in the pool. We’re already looking forward to going back next week!

  • Introducing the Stone Age! 05 Nov 18

    This half term our topic is ‘Exploring in the Stone Age’. To introduce the topic we have looked at pictures, cartoons and story books depicting the Stone Age. We began completing a KWL grid (What I already know, What I want to know, What I have learnt) in Topic, demonstrating our current knowledge of the Stone Age and generating questions to further our understanding. At the end of the half term, we fill complete the grid by recording what we have learnt through our topic. 

    In PSHE this week, we watched a video about how to keep ourselves healthy. After the video, we sorted visuals into two columns; healthy and unhealthy. We know that to stay healthy we need to eat fruit and vegetables, drink water, exercise and sleep well.

    In Music, we listened to two pieces of music; jazz and folk. As a class, we thought about how the music sounded and used adjectives to describe the music. The jazz music was fancy and relaxing, and the folk music was funky and fast. Then we each chose which piece of music was our favourite and gave a reason why. Next week, we will be listening to Hindu music as we will be learning a bit about Diwali.

  • Exploring the Stone Age – Autumn 2 Curriculum Map 05 Nov 18

    Take a look at our curriculum map to see what we will be learning this half term.

    Gefen Autumn 2 Curriculum Map

  • Numbers, Artists and Stories in the Sukkah! 28 Sep 18
    This week in Maths, we have been working on our number skills. Some pupils have demonstrated their ability to add and subtract within 20, others within 10 and some pupils have been focussing on using their fingers to indicate numbers. Pupils have been exploring strategies to support with addition and subtraction including Numicon and numbers lines.
    In Art, we explored the artist George Marston who accompanied Ernest Shackleton to the Antarctic. We looked at some of his work and experimented with tools and painting techniques to recreate his work.
    We have enjoyed eating our snack and lunch and listening to a story in the Sukkah. Miss Colizza read us three stories; Commotion in the Ocean, The Snowman and The Sandcastle Contest.