Seasons 08 Nov 19

D’vash have had a busy start back to school this half term. Everyone settled in quickly and felt confident in our regular routines right from the start. The children are enjoying lessons and working hard each day. It was lovely to see how excited the children were to see each other after the holidays, they have been using each other’s names and sharing toys and resources well with their friends.
We talked last week all about ‘being a good friend’ to link to our Middah of the week, and this had a positive impact on the friendships in our class.
We have started our topic of ‘seasons’. This week we have been focusing on Spring. This has included playing with play dough and flowers, making perfumes, a sensory tray and Spring themed paintings for our messy play time. The children really enjoyed planting seeds this week in Literacy. We have looked carefully at them each day to see if any are growing! After we planted our seeds, we worked in Literacy lessons to sequence how to plant a seed and retell our seed planting experience. The children made some exciting predictions about what they thought their seed might grow into, including ‘apples’, ‘food’ and ‘cookies’.
In Maths we have been focusing on addition. This has included learning about one more, counting two groups together to find the total, using number lines and numicon to solve addition sums and doubling. The children are using vocabulary about addition in their lessons and have also been using these words in free play with the toys. We are continuing to practise counting objects and writing numerals through our addition lessons. Well done to all of D’vash for doing such amazing addition.
D’vash class have also done some amazing artworks so far this term to celebrate different cultural events. We painted firework paintings for Diwali and Bonfire Night, made pumpkin masks for Halloween with Mr. Chris and created poppies ready to commemorate Remembrance Day on Monday. The children are so creative and really enjoy art activities, especially when they can use the glitter!

Puddles to Splash In! 04 Nov 19

D’vash class has had a great fortnight. It’s hard to believe that the first autumn term is already done! All the children are working hard and are now very familiar with school routines. The children have been enjoying looking at and talking about the wet weather. They have been particularly happy on the wet days when they have worn wellies to school, and then been able to wear them on the playground and look for puddles to splash in! We have been reading books about Peppa Pig and talking about how much she would like the muddy puddles we have on the grass.

Last Friday the children worked hard to make rainbow fruit kebabs. They had to peel their fruit and use a knife to chop it up. Then they were very careful as they threaded their fruit onto their kebab stick and made rainbow patterns. We are following this cooking lesson up this week by learning about healthy eating. Our focus in literacy this week has been naming and describing different foods, and learning about which foods are healthy and not so healthy. The children have been confident in recognising and describing fruits and vegetables, and we have talked together about how eating healthy foods helps us to grow big and strong and stay well.

In maths over the last few weeks we have been comparing different things by size; using words like big, small, long, short and medium. We worked hard to compare toys, objects, pictures and our lunches using these words. Some children learnt how to use a ruler to measure length! This week in maths we focused on recognising numbers, counting and representing numbers in different ways. All of the children have been working hard in maths each day!

I have been very proud over the last two weeks of the D’vash children and the effort they are making to be kind friends to each other. The children are watching each other’s play and having a go at interacting and playing together with the activities in free play and messy play. This has included building amazing marble runs, feeding our box-man healthy foods and exploring the sensory toys. Well done D’vash for being so kind and friendly!

Have a wonderful half term. Chag Sameach!
Miss Leigh

Responsibility and Playing Together 04 Nov 19

Hello everyone,

D’vash class have had another busy week! All the children are settling in so well and are now familiar with our daily routines. The children are learning to take responsibility for their own bags, lunchboxes and shoes, and have been working hard on putting these in the right place independently. During messy play and free play we have been focusing on playing together with our friends and sharing the toys we have.

In Literacy we have been focusing on learning about families. We recognised different family members in photos and visuals. The children were excited to spot people they knew in the photos and it has been lovely to hear them name or talk about their family members. For art we made our own family trees and these will be displayed outside our classroom.

D’vash class have been showing off their skills in maths by working on shapes, colours, patterns and measurement. We talked about different words for measuring and comparing, including long/short, tall/short and big/small, and looked around the class for different things we could compare. The children had a go at making snakes with different coloured patterns. All children were able to recognise and name circle, triangle, rectangle and square and have a go at describing how many sides and corners the shapes had, well done D’vash!

We have been reading a lot of stories and the children are showing excellent attention by looking at the pictures and listening to the story. The Peppa Pig and Things That Move books were especially popular. We have also had some new wind-up toys in our bucket time, which has been very exciting and is requested each day. Keep up the hard work D’vash class!

Have an excellent Rosh Hashanah,
Miss Leigh

All About Me 04 Nov 19

Hi, I’m Leigh and I am the teacher in D’vash class. Lauren and Irene are the teaching assistants who will support your children in the classroom.

D’vash class have had an exciting start to the year. We have welcomed two new friends to our class and our returning children have been so helpful in showing them about how Gesher school works. Everyone is getting to know each other and making friends. We have talked a lot about how to be a good friend and make good choices in the classroom and playground.

Our topic this term is ‘All about me’ which gives us a fantastic opportunity to get to know all the children individually. In literacy we have been making books about ourselves and talking about different actions we can do. The children enjoyed painting their hands and making handprints in their ‘All about me’ books.

In maths we have been working with numbers to recognise numerals and count out the quantity to match. We have also been trying some addition and subtraction to see the children’s abilities. I have been very impressed by how interested the children are in showing their maths knowledge.

We have especially enjoyed exploring the playground, being in the soft play room, cooking and singing. Everyone is settling in well and getting familiar with the daily routines in D’vash class. I am looking forward to our year ahead.

On the farm! 21 Mar 19

Spring term 2 is here and we have galloped straight into our new topic, ‘The Farm’!

We started learning about our theme through the use of the song, ‘Old Macdonald’, whilst finding out about all the different animals we find on the farm. We continued throughout the week by looking at these animals with a little more depth; we learnt about their size and colour, as well as the sounds each one makes. Some of us did our best listening to follow instructions by putting ‘big cow’ or ‘small pig’ into the farm sensory box. Other children listened to their friends’ questions to find out exactly what animals they had chosen from the box.

In maths, the focus has been on learning about time. We have looked at daily routines and how to sequence them. We have talked about what time we wake and go to sleep, as well as what time school starts. Some children are working on telling the time on clocks and moving the hands to change it. Another focus in our maths has been positions. The children have identified where the farm animal has been placed and labelled the position, i.e. “The cow is on the box”.

Overall, we have had a busy first fortnight back which included a hugely successful trip to Bushey synagogue, where lots of fun was had by all! There was such excitement with all of the different things to do, make and see. We also concluded last week with the Challah mummy coming to Gesher to make Challah with all the children and their parents…by the end of the day we had expert Challah-bakers! We hope the children had the chance to share their Challah with you, and hopefully this is something you can do together at some point in the future.

Spring has Sprung! 18 Jan 19

This week, D’vash class have continued our theme of ‘Insects’, specifically exploring snails in more detail within our cross curricular lessons.

In Literacy, we looked at the life cycle of the butterfly following on from last week’s story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. The children made a life cycle using different art materials before labelling, sequencing, discussing or answering questions, depending on their individual targets.

In Maths, we worked on our coins and number skills by taking part in a shopping game. This would be a fun activity to try at home, and you can pretend to buy things around the house using real coins!

In Attention Autism (AKA ‘Bucket time’), we used playdough to make our very own snails! We looked at the spirals on a snail’s shell and used our fingers to recreate these spirals in paint. The children seemed very engaged and followed closely throughout these sessions.

We look forward to Mondays celebrations for Tu B’ Shevat. D’vash class will be celebrating with Seorah class on Monday morning in our own Seder, and Danielle has arranged some other special activities to bring us all together.

Next week’s topic is ‘Ladybirds’…it’s looking to be a bit chilly next week (don’t forget hats and gloves!), but we could be lucky enough to spot a few in the playground in the build up to spring!