On the farm! 21 Mar 19

Spring term 2 is here and we have galloped straight into our new topic, ‘The Farm’!

We started learning about our theme through the use of the song, ‘Old Macdonald’, whilst finding out about all the different animals we find on the farm. We continued throughout the week by looking at these animals with a little more depth; we learnt about their size and colour, as well as the sounds each one makes. Some of us did our best listening to follow instructions by putting ‘big cow’ or ‘small pig’ into the farm sensory box. Other children listened to their friends’ questions to find out exactly what animals they had chosen from the box.

In maths, the focus has been on learning about time. We have looked at daily routines and how to sequence them. We have talked about what time we wake and go to sleep, as well as what time school starts. Some children are working on telling the time on clocks and moving the hands to change it. Another focus in our maths has been positions. The children have identified where the farm animal has been placed and labelled the position, i.e. “The cow is on the box”.

Overall, we have had a busy first fortnight back which included a hugely successful trip to Bushey synagogue, where lots of fun was had by all! There was such excitement with all of the different things to do, make and see. We also concluded last week with the Challah mummy coming to Gesher to make Challah with all the children and their parents…by the end of the day we had expert Challah-bakers! We hope the children had the chance to share their Challah with you, and hopefully this is something you can do together at some point in the future.

Spring has Sprung! 18 Jan 19

This week, D’vash class have continued our theme of ‘Insects’, specifically exploring snails in more detail within our cross curricular lessons.

In Literacy, we looked at the life cycle of the butterfly following on from last week’s story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. The children made a life cycle using different art materials before labelling, sequencing, discussing or answering questions, depending on their individual targets.

In Maths, we worked on our coins and number skills by taking part in a shopping game. This would be a fun activity to try at home, and you can pretend to buy things around the house using real coins!

In Attention Autism (AKA ‘Bucket time’), we used playdough to make our very own snails! We looked at the spirals on a snail’s shell and used our fingers to recreate these spirals in paint. The children seemed very engaged and followed closely throughout these sessions.

We look forward to Mondays celebrations for Tu B’ Shevat. D’vash class will be celebrating with Seorah class on Monday morning in our own Seder, and Danielle has arranged some other special activities to bring us all together.

Next week’s topic is ‘Ladybirds’…it’s looking to be a bit chilly next week (don’t forget hats and gloves!), but we could be lucky enough to spot a few in the playground in the build up to spring!

Chanukah!! 08 Dec 18

Hanukkah Sameakh from everyone in D’vash class, as we have enjoyed a wonderful week of celebrations!!

Every day we have participated in a special Chaunkah activity each afternoon alongside the whole school; we have taken part in candle lighting, singing songs and extra special creative art activities. The week of celebrations culminated on a high with our Chanukah-themed Parent’s Celebration Assembly. We loved having our parents in the Assembly to see us singing our songs, taking turns and doing great listening! We lit another candle on the Menorah before watching our special Gesher production of The Chanukah Story. We also thoroughly enjoyed getting to eat special Chanukah treats such as doughnuts and latkes, and it was such a pleasure to share it with all of our families from D’Vash class.

This week’s Middot was ‘Kind words’, so we have been working on saying nice things to our friends and adults within the class. Some of these kind words included ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘no thank you’. One of the children in the class was also overheard telling another that ‘it’s okay’ when they seemed to be upset. We will continue to use these kind words at school and hopefully have the opportunity to demonstrate them to our parents at home too!

We also took part in two activities focusing on the pupils’ voice across the week. Each child in the school took part in a pupil survey, with the first asking D’vash class different questions about school including ‘do you feel safe?’, ‘do you have friends at school?’ and ‘what are you good at?’. Some children were supported with the use of visuals or by being given choices to help them answer these questions. Happily, all the children in D’vash class said they felt safe at school and that they had friends. Then in Assembly, we took part in a voting ballot as a means of highlighting our British value of Democracy. The children had a chance to vote for the movie they wanted to watch at the cinema, and we are looking forward to finding out the results before our trip next Thursday.

Next week, we will climb aboard our rockets and blast head-long into our theme of ‘Travel to Space’… we are very excited to see what we find and can’t wait to share what we learn with you!

Revolving around the sun! 03 Dec 18

In Maths, we worked on our individual targets. Some children worked on addition, which was taught through a bus game where we had to pick up passengers. Other children took part in familiar counting songs including ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’, ‘Ten in the Bed’ and ‘Five Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree’…please do sing these at home, as they are a great way of practicing our numbers! Meanwhile, some children worked on matching big and small objects, whilst others continued with identifying the groups of objects that had ‘more or less’. We’ve been really impressed this week as D’vash class have all worked so hard at their targets, and they were all achieved – well done everyone!

In Messy Play, we made galaxies using marbles, stars and playdough. Through this we explored and talked about the key features of the planets, such as ‘Jupiter is the biggest’, and ‘Mars is red’. The children were then encouraged to practice their fine motors skills within another Messy Play activity using earbuds to paint a dot to dot earth picture – their creative art skills were out of this world!

On Wednesday, we took part in an olive pressing workshop with Rabbi Simon, where we all participated in making fresh olive oil with a mechanical press. We were encouraged to taste olives before we got started, and learned about where they came from. The children then took turns to rotate the lever to grind the olives and watched the process of squeezing the oil out of the small fruit. We watched the Rabbi pour the fresh oil into the Menorah, before we made a wick out of rolled up cotton wool. D’vash class were very engaged in the whole activity and watched closely as one of their peers helped to light the olive oil candle at the end with help from an adult.

Next week, we will continue to explore the universe through our theme of ‘The Planets’, and we look forward to learning more about what makes our world go round.

The sky and the stars above! 23 Nov 18

This week, D’vash class have looked up to the sky and the stars above for inspiration during their lessons, as we have continued with our theme of ‘Space’.

In Literacy, we looked at the story ‘Goodnight Moon’. We listened and engaged as the story was told using different props, before we began working on our individual targets. Some of us worked on requesting the props we wanted to explore further, while others worked on sequencing the story. Other targets included answering questions about the story and demonstrating our comprehension skills.

In Attention Autism (AKA ‘Bucket time’), we watched the adult closely as they made swirling glue patterns all over a large black sheet, before sprinkling stars on to turn it into the night sky. We then took turns to use a torch and colander to make our very own night sky on the ceiling.

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to celebrate a different kind of event in Diwali. We thoroughly enjoyed having an outside guest come in to share her wonderful ideas and talk to us about her faith. We made a mouth-watering fruit salad with yoghurt, which was tasted by everyone…even if just on the tips of our tongues! We then completed a special art activity, where we looked at ‘Rangoli’ patterns, before creating our own using sequins, jewels and sticky gems. We look forward to more special events like this where we can learn more about other cultures and traditions.

Next week’s topic is ‘The Planets – hopefully, we are going to figure out once and for all if Pluto really is a planet or not!!

Sun and Moon 16 Nov 18


This week, D’vash class’ lessons have revolved around the sun and the moon, as we have continued our topic of ‘Space’.

In Maths the children have worked really hard at achieving their targets; these have included problem-solving with word sums, sorting big and small objects, and sorting shapes according to their properties. We look forward to the children showing off these new-found skills within their homework activities!

In Messy Play, we explored the impact of the sun and the moon on our planet. We made day and night pictures on paper plates, drew letters or shapes in moon dust, and counted the number of sun beams that we could see in a picture. We also explored hot and cold objects, and spoke about what we could feel: “brrr, the ice is cold”!

Meanwhile back on Planet Earth, D’vash class had a thoroughly enjoyable first swimming lesson! We travelled on the school bus to the swimming pool before getting changed and jumping in the pool. We practised our kicking and bubble blowing, while singing along to some of our favourite songs. We look forward to our next swimming lesson on Tuesday 27th November, where we will keep on improving our swimming skills.

Next week’s topic is ‘The Stars’, so take a moment this weekend to look at the sky and enjoy the wonders of our universe before we head to infinity…and beyond!

All things Earthly! 09 Nov 18

It’s been an exciting week in D’vash class this week as we welcomed a new classmate, and we continued to enjoy further exploration of our topic, ‘Earth’.

This week in Literacy we worked on our individual targets within the topic. Some children worked on making lists of animals living on land versus those that live in water, while others worked on labelling these animals and sorting them into sensory trays. Another target included looking through different books to find the relevant information about these animals, which proved to be very interesting for everyone.

In Messy Play, we explored all things relating to the planet Earth. This included sorting recycling materials into plastic and paper, and learning the importance of looking after our wildlife. We also learned about the cycle of nature by following the sequence of planting seeds, and took part in water play to learn about our planet’s most important natural resource. In Art, we recapped all the key features of the Earth, and used this knowledge to stick these on to our decorated earth templates.

This week’s middot has been ‘Celebrations’, where we looked at the festival of Diwali. Following on from this, we look forward to a workshop later on in the term where we will make traditional food that is enjoyed during Diwali celebrations. Please keep a lookout for more information on this multicultural event coming soon.

In the meantime, we look forward to next week’s topic which will revolve around ‘the sun and the moon’.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF! 02 Nov 18




D’vash class have rocketed into their new theme of ‘Space’ this week! We began by learning all about the features of our planet, which included the sun, moon, different animals and nature.

In Maths, some of the children worked on sorting big and small objects, and using language to support this understanding. While some of the class focused on sorting shapes and building block models, others worked on addition sums using tangible materials to support.

In Messy Play, we explored all things relating to the Earth. This included marbling using green and blue paint, a sorting activity to support the understanding of recycling, and a small world tray. As a reward for all of our great learning and exploring this week, we made spice-and-raisin bread during cooking!

This week’s middot has been ‘Kindness’, with D’vash class showing many examples of being kind to their peers and adults. We have all adjusted well with our return to school, and we look forward to continuing our topic over the next few weeks and learning more about Planet Earth!