Next stop D’vash class 29 Jun 18






This week we looked at the job role of a train driver! The children identified that a train driver needed to have good questioning skills, asking ‘where’ to go, as well as being on time.

In Messy play, we made marks with our trains and followed the formation of letters. We built train tracks and a landscape scene using bridges, farm animals, trees, and flowers.

Our questioning skills were worked on in literacy lessons as we had to ask ‘where the magic train ride was taking us to?’. Our pre-reading skills were put to the test as we practised labelling and building sentences to talk about what we could see in the pictures.

In Maths, children have been working on a variety of different skills. These included number bonds 1-10, sequencing the days of the week, identifying more or less amounts, and following the instruction to put objects ‘on, in and under’.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Summer Fete! It was a huge success and much fun was had by all. From hot dogs to apple bobbing and milking the cow, each child and their family got stuck in. We also exhibited our finished Israel 70 projects much to the delight of parents and children alike.

We look forward to next week’s topic where we will be focusing on the job role of a rock star!

Listening, questioning and investigating! 21 Jun 18

This week we looked at the job role of a scientist! The children identified that a scientist needed to have good listening and questioning skills, as well as being able to investigate. These skills were put to the test in all areas of our timetable.

In Messy play, we explored how to melt the ice cubes with pom-poms so we could sort the different colours into trays. We mixed oil and water and observed how it did not mix! We separated objects into groups that float and groups that sink.

Our listening and questioning skills were worked on in literacy lessons. We practiced following two to four keyword instructions in our floating and sinking activity. Some children worked on asking questions to investigate more about a group of chosen objects. We also looked at functions of familiar objects in our daily lives. 

In Maths, children have been working on a variety of different skills. These included identifying the odd object within a group, practicing addition and subtraction sums, working on making groups of up to 6 objects, and using prepositional language to describe the placement of objects. 

We have also continued with our Israel 70 projects this week. The children used clay to mould their special objects. Once these were dry, they choose the colour paints they needed to bring their clay objects to life.

We look forward to next week’s topic where we will be focusing on the job role of a train driver.

A mix of this and that! 15 Jun 18




This week we looked at the job role of a chef! We role played being a chef, practised our number writing in flour, made many cups of tea at the tea station and decorated a ‘slice of pizza’ in Messy play. In Art, the children created their own chef hats to be worn during our cooking lessons.

In Literacy, children have been working on a variety of different skills. These included following two, three and four keyword instructions ‘put the glitter and water in the bowl’ to make a glitter cake! Some children worked on their writing and computer skills, typing out the ingredients and tools needed to make pasta on an iPad. We continued to work on sorting different objects to correspond to different job roles too.

We have started our Israel 70 projects this week. It was wonderful to see the excitement of children showing off their family photos to their peer. We made picture frames for these photos which will be a part of the exhibition. Next week we will look at our objects which have particular meaning for each child.

Please take a look at the link below for further information on this exciting project.


We look forward to next week’s topic where we will be focusing on the job role of scientists.


Summer term 2 Curriculum Map 14 Jun 18

Here is what we have to look forward to for Summer term 2. Keep a look out on the blog for updates on our progress. We look forward to finding out about the children’s aspirations for the future and how we can encourage these in all aspects of our learning.

Summer term 2 curriculum map

Who do I want to be when I grow up? 08 Jun 18

Welcome back to Summer term 2! We have had a busy and exciting first week back with OFSTED coming to visit.

This term’s theme is ‘People and their jobs’. We have listened, observed and asked the children Who they want to be when they grow up. Following this, we linked weekly job roles to encourage these interests and talents. These include artist, scientist, rock star, chef and train driver. We look forward to exploring each job role in all areas of learning.

This week we looked at the job role of an artist! We explored collaging, clay making and textured painting in Messy play. In Art, the children painted their own version of Van Gogh’s sunflowers. We definitely could have some budding artists in our class!

In maths children have been working on a variety of different targets including sequencing numbers 1-30, working out simple word problems, identifying the odd one out and one to one correspondence.

We look forward to next week’s topic where we will be focusing on the job role of being a ‘chef.


‘Sea’ you next term! 25 May 18

As the last week of a busy term in D’vash class comes to an end, we look back on all we have explored, learned and made.

This week in art we used all of our creative energy to make aquariums filled with fish, seaweed, coral, sand and shells.

We got messy making slimy blue water for our sea animals to dive, swim and splash in. Some children in the class used puppets to recreate their favourite under the sea story from the term. One of our highlights has been the themed songs choosing board, with a clear favourite being the ‘Under The Sea’ song from The Little Mermaid.

D’vash class have also been hard at work on the weekends completing their homework which was started this term.

We hope everyone has a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing you after the break. Next term’s theme will be ‘People and their jobs’ which we are really looking forward to.

Swim, swim, swim 18 May 18

On Monday D’vash class had a hugely successful first swimming lesson. We pretended to be just like the sea animals we have been learning about; diving like a dolphin, blowing bubbles like a fish and flopping about like whales. We are all looking forward to our next swimming session!!!

We celebrated the impending Royal Wedding on Friday. D’vash class made cucumber sandwiches to add to our table at the afternoon tea celebrations. We decorated balloons and Union Jack flags. In Assembly, we looked at pictures of weddings from various cultures and spoke about how marriage means different things for different people.

In art this week we made hermit crabs. Each child made their choice between materials to decorate their hermit crab’s shell and the results were fantastic. In Messy play we looked at animals in a rock pool and talked about the different actions they perform including hiding, jumping, running, flopping and swimming. This helped us when we were playing alongside our peers.

We wish everyone a Happy Shavuot with family and loved ones.


The ‘Rainbow fish’ and ‘Shaun the shy shark’ 11 May 18



D’vash class children have been loving the ‘Under the sea’ theme. We have enjoyed learning about being different like ‘Shaun the Shark’. We also learnt the importance of sharing through the ‘Rainbow fish’, and the lessons he taught us. Our middot focus has been friendship and patience with the children working on waiting, sharing and taking turns. Some helpful hints to try at home include counting down from 10, using sand timers or stopwatches and turn-taking boards. This week we have explored different sea animals with a focus on the ‘octopus’. We looked at all its different body parts and made sure our octopi had 8 tentacles. We especially enjoyed making cheerio octopi in art this week!

We look forward to exploring our upcoming theme of ‘rock pool’ As the weather is becoming warmer we will be bringing our learning outdoors. Please remember hats and sunscreen!


This week in D’vash 27 Apr 18


Dvash class had a fin-tastic time exploring this weeks topic ‘fish’. We read the ‘Rainbow Fish’ story which reminded us to share and be kind to our friends. The children practised their cutting/snipping skills on crepe paper to make their own rainbow fish. We looked at the features of fish from tails to scales and bulging eyes in Attention Autism. We have been listening to different sea themed songs and ‘Under the Sea’ from The Little Mermaid seems to be the class favourite! After this weeks’ topic, it is only fitting for the children to start swimming next week where we have the opportunity to be our own fish in the water. Stay tuned for more tales from under the sea!

Welcome to D’vash Class blog 13 Apr 18

Welcome to our class blog!

We hope you had a good break and are ready to dive into the summer term with our topic ‘Under the Sea’. Each week we will look at different themes linked to this topic including sand, water, fish, sea animals, aquarium and rock pools. We will be learning all about sea animals through storybooks, songs, art, Attention Autism and messy play.

Take a look at the curriculum map below for all the exciting activities to come this term. We encourage you to try some at home too!

Please check our blog regularly for updates!