D’vash have had a busy start back to school this half term. Everyone settled in quickly and felt confident in our regular routines right from the start. The children are enjoying lessons and working hard each day. It was lovely to see how excited the children were to see each other after the holidays, they have been using each other’s names and sharing toys and resources well with their friends.
We talked last week all about ‘being a good friend’ to link to our Middah of the week, and this had a positive impact on the friendships in our class.
We have started our topic of ‘seasons’. This week we have been focusing on Spring. This has included playing with play dough and flowers, making perfumes, a sensory tray and Spring themed paintings for our messy play time. The children really enjoyed planting seeds this week in Literacy. We have looked carefully at them each day to see if any are growing! After we planted our seeds, we worked in Literacy lessons to sequence how to plant a seed and retell our seed planting experience. The children made some exciting predictions about what they thought their seed might grow into, including ‘apples’, ‘food’ and ‘cookies’.
In Maths we have been focusing on addition. This has included learning about one more, counting two groups together to find the total, using number lines and numicon to solve addition sums and doubling. The children are using vocabulary about addition in their lessons and have also been using these words in free play with the toys. We are continuing to practise counting objects and writing numerals through our addition lessons. Well done to all of D’vash for doing such amazing addition.
D’vash class have also done some amazing artworks so far this term to celebrate different cultural events. We painted firework paintings for Diwali and Bonfire Night, made pumpkin masks for Halloween with Mr. Chris and created poppies ready to commemorate Remembrance Day on Monday. The children are so creative and really enjoy art activities, especially when they can use the glitter!

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