The last two weeks have really flown by in Seorah Class! The student’s hit the ground running after the half-term holidays, looking at ‘Seasons’ as our new theme for the remainder of the term. The students settled back nicely into school and our classroom routines, and have been focused on cultivating their social skills and friendships.
In Maths, we consolidated our learning on taking tallies and began looking at taking measurements in centimetres, using a ruler to calculate the length and height over various objects around the school. Other students focused on using their estimating skills while others applied the concepts of ‘forwards’ and ‘backwards’ practically within their daily schedules.
Our Literacy lessons have been centred on ‘Autumn’, as that is our current season! (Although, the weather has made a drastic change and it seems as if we are officially in Winter!) We have been learning about the different seasonal changes and how to identify what season it is. Specifically, with our current season, the students have been working on composing and writing sentences that describe the weather changes and clothing options appropriate for Autumn.
In Science we have taken our Seasonal theme and applied it to sequencing and identifying the Months of the Year. The students have been learning how to categorise the different months of the year into seasons, and the reasons behind why they would be classified in certain ways.
Last week was really busy as we celebrated both Black History Month and Diwali. The children learned all about the importance of respecting differences and honouring different religions and participated in whole school assemblies that highlighted the importance of special occasions. In class, the students made some lovely artwork (which is now hanging up on our art wall!) for Diwali. Using paint and party-poppers, the students created posters that represent the fireworks and colourful Rangoli often used to celebrate!
Looking forward to another week of fun next week, especially our trip to the Jewish Museum London on Thursday!

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