The Way Back Home

The last two weeks in Rimon class we have been busy learning and getting to know one another.

In literacy, we focused on the book ‘the way back home’ by Oliver Jeffers, which took us on a journey to the moon.  We learned about how to be safe while travelling and about making new friends.  We even had our own adventure where we made believe we were going to the moon.

In numeracy, we have been building our skills on place value, addition and subtraction using concrete materials to help us.  Some of us enjoyed going on a number hunt around the classroom.

In topic, it was really nice to see some pictures of one another from when we were babies.  Thank you for those who shared their pictures with us. If you haven’t brought one in yet, please do so, we would love to see them!

In science, we have been showing off our mighty muscles!  We have now learnt about why we have bones and muscles in our body and the muscles we use when moving different body parts.

Last Friday, we were busy cooking up a storm and made apple and raison cake pops! We worked as a team to make them. They smelled delicious!  In the coming two weeks, we will be continuing our theme of ‘what makes us human’.  We have started a new and exciting book called ‘giraffes can’t dance’ to help us understand that everyone has different talents.  In maths we will continue practising place value, addition and subtraction.  We are also looking forward to celebrating and preparing for Rosh Hashanah. I am excited to celebrate this and Yom Kippur in the upcoming weeks with Rimon class.  Finally, a big well done to all the children in Rimon class for a fantastic first few weeks together.

Shabbat Shalom,

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