Responsibility and Playing Together

Hello everyone,

D’vash class have had another busy week! All the children are settling in so well and are now familiar with our daily routines. The children are learning to take responsibility for their own bags, lunchboxes and shoes, and have been working hard on putting these in the right place independently. During messy play and free play we have been focusing on playing together with our friends and sharing the toys we have.

In Literacy we have been focusing on learning about families. We recognised different family members in photos and visuals. The children were excited to spot people they knew in the photos and it has been lovely to hear them name or talk about their family members. For art we made our own family trees and these will be displayed outside our classroom.

D’vash class have been showing off their skills in maths by working on shapes, colours, patterns and measurement. We talked about different words for measuring and comparing, including long/short, tall/short and big/small, and looked around the class for different things we could compare. The children had a go at making snakes with different coloured patterns. All children were able to recognise and name circle, triangle, rectangle and square and have a go at describing how many sides and corners the shapes had, well done D’vash!

We have been reading a lot of stories and the children are showing excellent attention by looking at the pictures and listening to the story. The Peppa Pig and Things That Move books were especially popular. We have also had some new wind-up toys in our bucket time, which has been very exciting and is requested each day. Keep up the hard work D’vash class!

Have an excellent Rosh Hashanah,
Miss Leigh

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