Puddles to Splash In!

D’vash class has had a great fortnight. It’s hard to believe that the first autumn term is already done! All the children are working hard and are now very familiar with school routines. The children have been enjoying looking at and talking about the wet weather. They have been particularly happy on the wet days when they have worn wellies to school, and then been able to wear them on the playground and look for puddles to splash in! We have been reading books about Peppa Pig and talking about how much she would like the muddy puddles we have on the grass.

Last Friday the children worked hard to make rainbow fruit kebabs. They had to peel their fruit and use a knife to chop it up. Then they were very careful as they threaded their fruit onto their kebab stick and made rainbow patterns. We are following this cooking lesson up this week by learning about healthy eating. Our focus in literacy this week has been naming and describing different foods, and learning about which foods are healthy and not so healthy. The children have been confident in recognising and describing fruits and vegetables, and we have talked together about how eating healthy foods helps us to grow big and strong and stay well.

In maths over the last few weeks we have been comparing different things by size; using words like big, small, long, short and medium. We worked hard to compare toys, objects, pictures and our lunches using these words. Some children learnt how to use a ruler to measure length! This week in maths we focused on recognising numbers, counting and representing numbers in different ways. All of the children have been working hard in maths each day!

I have been very proud over the last two weeks of the D’vash children and the effort they are making to be kind friends to each other. The children are watching each other’s play and having a go at interacting and playing together with the activities in free play and messy play. This has included building amazing marble runs, feeding our box-man healthy foods and exploring the sensory toys. Well done D’vash for being so kind and friendly!

Have a wonderful half term. Chag Sameach!
Miss Leigh

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