Importance of Forgiveness

I cannot believe how quickly Autumn 1 has gone by. It feels like only yesterday we were welcoming the students back to school, and now we are ready for our first half-term holiday! I guess the saying holds true – time flies when you’re having fun!

The past couple of weeks have been filled with lots of learning about Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot. The children have been busy making honey pots, fruit skewers, sukkah decorations and have learned about apologising for their wrongdoings and the importance of forgiveness in both our everyday lives as well as religiously. It has been wonderful watching the students really embrace the holidays this year – it has really brought the festive season alive!

In Maths, we have continued to work on consolidating our number bond skills, more and less, estimating, sorting by given criteria (namely colour) and learning how to tally. We have been very busy and the children have done a wonderful job applying their knowledge – very impressed! Our Science lessons this week were centred on the 5 Senses: which body part they are related to and how they affect our everyday lives.

PE this term has been focused on dance and movement! The students have been practicing moving like fireworks – exploding with big movements, moving to music with colourful streamers and learning to mirror the movements of our peers. It has been tons of fun getting to dance and explore movement with the students – well done Seorah!

On Thursday, the Gesher Sukkah went up and the children were SO EXCITED to make decorations for it! They have been eating snack and lunch in the sukkah, which they love, had a chance to shake the Lulav and Etrog in the sukkah and had a wonderful story time session in the sukkah as well! For those of you who are celebrating, I cannot wait to hear all about your Sukkot – and would love to see photos of your sukkah decorations!

Wishing everyone a wonderful, relaxed half-term filled with lots of fun family time!

Shabbat Shalom, Chag Sukkot Sameach and see you all back at school on the 24th!
Miss Marli

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