Food Explorers

Gefen class have been busy over the last two weeks and are preparing for Rosh Hashana this weekend. During Literacy, we have continued to focus on our selves. Some of us have focused on the letters in our names and matching these sounds to objects of reference like the ‘i’ for insect. Something we also picked up in during Music, where we focused on sounding out the syllables in our names. In another group, we have continued to describe our families and our interests through sentence starters, completing them with our own choice of adjectives. This week our whole class focus has been on the upcoming Jewish new year and what we are grateful for.

In Maths, we are focused on the concepts of more and less. We have been learning new symbols to compare numbers. We are also using resources like counters, pom-poms and pictures of sets of objects to support their learning.

We have been enjoying cooking the last two weeks. Gefen chefs made pizza with tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and mozzarella and also apple cinnamon ‘pops’ made with oats. Delicious! Continuing with the food theme, we also had our first food explorers where the class touched, tasted an d smelt cold rice pudding and warm porridge. We were very brave!

In Art, we have continued to work on our self-portraits, adding paint to either a photograph of ourselves or a line drawing. During Topic, we enjoyed looking at pictures of our teacher at different ages and discussing similarities and differences. Then we used photos of us to repeat and compare with our peers. PSHE has seen us interview peers to find out information about them as well as describing them using visuals of adjectives.

On Wednesday this week, we had a visit from SEED, who came to do a Rosh Hashana activity with our families. It was lovely to see everyone together celebrating the new year. A fab experience for all!

Shana Tovah to you and your families!

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