All About Me

Hi, I’m Miss Marli and I am the teacher in Seorah Class this year as well as the Head of Kodesh at Gesher. I’d like to welcome back all our returning students and extend a very warm welcome to all our new families! I hope everyone had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready for the jam packed year ahead. We’ve had a very exciting start to the school year, as the students have begun to settle into their new classes and build friendships.

Our theme this term in Seorah is ‘All About Me’ which has given us a fantastic opportunity to start learning all about the children individually. We will continue to build on this topic as the month progresses, which will give us great insight into the wonderful personalities the children have! In the coming weeks we will also start learning about and celebrating Rosh Hashanah, which we are really excited for!

I’m so pleased to be working with you all this year, and am looking forward to an exciting new year filled with lots of learning and laughter!

Shabbat Shalom,
Miss Marli

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