On the farm!

Spring term 2 is here and we have galloped straight into our new topic, ‘The Farm’!

We started learning about our theme through the use of the song, ‘Old Macdonald’, whilst finding out about all the different animals we find on the farm. We continued throughout the week by looking at these animals with a little more depth; we learnt about their size and colour, as well as the sounds each one makes. Some of us did our best listening to follow instructions by putting ‘big cow’ or ‘small pig’ into the farm sensory box. Other children listened to their friends’ questions to find out exactly what animals they had chosen from the box.

In maths, the focus has been on learning about time. We have looked at daily routines and how to sequence them. We have talked about what time we wake and go to sleep, as well as what time school starts. Some children are working on telling the time on clocks and moving the hands to change it. Another focus in our maths has been positions. The children have identified where the farm animal has been placed and labelled the position, i.e. “The cow is on the box”.

Overall, we have had a busy first fortnight back which included a hugely successful trip to Bushey synagogue, where lots of fun was had by all! There was such excitement with all of the different things to do, make and see. We also concluded last week with the Challah mummy coming to Gesher to make Challah with all the children and their parents…by the end of the day we had expert Challah-bakers! We hope the children had the chance to share their Challah with you, and hopefully this is something you can do together at some point in the future.

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