Spring has Sprung!

This week, D’vash class have continued our theme of ‘Insects’, specifically exploring snails in more detail within our cross curricular lessons.

In Literacy, we looked at the life cycle of the butterfly following on from last week’s story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. The children made a life cycle using different art materials before labelling, sequencing, discussing or answering questions, depending on their individual targets.

In Maths, we worked on our coins and number skills by taking part in a shopping game. This would be a fun activity to try at home, and you can pretend to buy things around the house using real coins!

In Attention Autism (AKA ‘Bucket time’), we used playdough to make our very own snails! We looked at the spirals on a snail’s shell and used our fingers to recreate these spirals in paint. The children seemed very engaged and followed closely throughout these sessions.

We look forward to Mondays celebrations for Tu B’ Shevat. D’vash class will be celebrating with Seorah class on Monday morning in our own Seder, and Danielle has arranged some other special activities to bring us all together.

Next week’s topic is ‘Ladybirds’…it’s looking to be a bit chilly next week (don’t forget hats and gloves!), but we could be lucky enough to spot a few in the playground in the build up to spring!

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