We’re going on a journey to Ancient Egypt…

For our topic this half term, we are going on a ‘journey to Ancient Egypt’. In Week 1, we discussed what we already know about Egypt and spoke about pyramids, Sphinx and the River Nile. After the discussion, pupils had some questions that they were left wondering about. Did crocodiles snap at people swimming in the River Nile? Are there any crocodile statues in Egypt? We watched a video all about Ancient Egypt to see if we could answer some of our questions and to learn more!

We have been working on making predictions in Literacy this week. Using only the image on the front cover of the book, we predicted that the book would be about Egypt and a boy swimming in the River Nile, because we could see pyramids and people in a river. It turned out that the story was called ‘Nachshon, who was afraid to swim.’ We then read the story in sections, checking to see if our predictions had happened yet and if we wanted to use clues in the story to change our prediction. Towards the end, we predicted that the Israelites were going to have to swim because they were stuck between the Egyptians and the Sea of Reeds. Our prediction was almost correct. Nachshon was courageous and walked into the water.

We have also been exploring Ancient Egyptian jewellery and necklaces in Art. We looked at lots of different necklaces and noticed that a lot of them are red, blue and gold in colour. They also have a lot of pattern. After looking at some necklaces for inspiration, we designed our own necklaces that included similar colours and patterns.

In Maths, some pupils have been learning to add within 10 and others have been learning about multiplication. We have all been learning that we can use different strategies to help us. We can use objects or pictures to help us with addition or multiplication problems.

We will be learning all about magnets in Science this half term. In Week 1, we explored magnets, then predicted if different objects were magnetic and investigated our predictions. We discovered that all of the objects that stuck to the magnet all had one thing in common; they were all made from metal.

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