Week 7

Rimon class have had a wonderful time after all the celebrations last week for Chanukah. We’ve had lots happening this week; learning lots, swimming, and an amazing trip to the Everyman Cinema!
In Maths this week, the class has been learning about measurements – liquids and the temperature in particular. We have enjoyed interactive games about measurements on the whiteboard and pouring water into measuring tubes to take our own measurements. While some of us have practised sequencing numbers in ‘Five little monkesy.’ In Science, we have also been learning about the different types of eclipses that can take place.
As well as our usual swimming trip on Wednesday, we got to go on a special trip to the Everyman Cinema on Thursday morning to see The Lion King! It was amazing! It was really lovely for the students to have a trip all together. We even got to take the bus there which was an enjoyable and exciting experience for all the students.
Jewish Studies saw the children learn about the making of a Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll). We watched a quick video about how the Torah is handwritten and takes two years to write just one scroll! The students also have been continuing their personal siddurim (prayer books) by sticking down the words to the song ‘Torah Torah’ whilst singing it aloud.
During Literacy, we have been continuing our reports from last week about the Stone Age. As well as this, we have received letters from different people in the Stone Age. This has helped us learn how to write a letter; what we should include and try and write one of our own ourselves. Meanwhile, other children have been matching symbols to objects in the book ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth.’
Next week we are looking forward to winding down for the winter holidays.
Shabbat Shalom!
Miss Rowan

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