Rimon’s final week

We’ve had lots happening this week at Gesher, where we have celebrated the final week of term and also learnt about Christmas holiday traditions around the world with Mr Chris. We have been swimming, had a special visit from the Chief Rabbi, and we have also been visited by the National Autistic Society!
Last week, we started writing letters to people as if we were in the Stone Age and this week we finished them. Everyone wrote great letters sharing with their pen pal what they saw in the Stone Age, where they live, and asking great questions to whomever they were writing to.
In PSHE, we chose and voted to make a healthy meal as a class. The winner was tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches. We made them, cut them and ate them! They were delicious.
In Science this week, the class have been learning about magnets. Learning about positives and negatives and which ones attract and repel. We played a great magnet game to demonstrate this with a mat and a car with magnets in the boot and front. We used another magnet with a matching side to the magnet in the car boot and as it moved closer to the car, it drove itself! We will continue this next term.
As well as a swimming trip this week on Wednesday, we had a very special visit from the Chief Rabbi for Shabbat UK which is in March. We have been learning the song ‘Lecha Dodi’ in singing for the past 3 months in order to sing it with the Chief Rabbi. We sung it whilst being filmed for a special video for Shabbat UK. This was a great experience! We also had another visit On Thursday from the National Autistic Society. They brought in colourful shirts and a camera to take photographs of some children for Autism Awareness week next year.
In Jewish Studies, the students have been continuing their personal siddurim (prayer books) by sticking down the words to the song ‘Shema’. We also designed our front covers for the siddurim on JStudio on the iPad. This was great fun!
Have a great winter break!

Shabbat Shalom.
Miss Rowan

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