Hanukkah Sameakh from everyone in D’vash class, as we have enjoyed a wonderful week of celebrations!!

Every day we have participated in a special Chaunkah activity each afternoon alongside the whole school; we have taken part in candle lighting, singing songs and extra special creative art activities. The week of celebrations culminated on a high with our Chanukah-themed Parent’s Celebration Assembly. We loved having our parents in the Assembly to see us singing our songs, taking turns and doing great listening! We lit another candle on the Menorah before watching our special Gesher production of The Chanukah Story. We also thoroughly enjoyed getting to eat special Chanukah treats such as doughnuts and latkes, and it was such a pleasure to share it with all of our families from D’Vash class.

This week’s Middot was ‘Kind words’, so we have been working on saying nice things to our friends and adults within the class. Some of these kind words included ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘no thank you’. One of the children in the class was also overheard telling another that ‘it’s okay’ when they seemed to be upset. We will continue to use these kind words at school and hopefully have the opportunity to demonstrate them to our parents at home too!

We also took part in two activities focusing on the pupils’ voice across the week. Each child in the school took part in a pupil survey, with the first asking D’vash class different questions about school including ‘do you feel safe?’, ‘do you have friends at school?’ and ‘what are you good at?’. Some children were supported with the use of visuals or by being given choices to help them answer these questions. Happily, all the children in D’vash class said they felt safe at school and that they had friends. Then in Assembly, we took part in a voting ballot as a means of highlighting our British value of Democracy. The children had a chance to vote for the movie they wanted to watch at the cinema, and we are looking forward to finding out the results before our trip next Thursday.

Next week, we will climb aboard our rockets and blast head-long into our theme of ‘Travel to Space’… we are very excited to see what we find and can’t wait to share what we learn with you!

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