Happy Hanukkah!!!

We’ve had such a fun week filled with Hanukkah celebrations! Every day this week during assembly we have lit the Hanukkah candles together as a school, listened to and sung some beautiful Hanukkah songs and have participated in various Hanukkah activities – sun catcher making, dreidel battles, and building menorahs out of lego! The students have had a fabulous time celebrating, and were so happy to see their parents at school for the family assembly we had on Thursday!

We are starting to wrap up our Space learning, and spent the week exploring orbits and the solar system. The students learned about orbits, and can now talk about how planets circle around the sun! They started building a solar system during Literacy on Wednesday, and will continue with their work next week.

In Maths, some of us started looking at ordinal numbers, participating in an active reading of ‘Room on the Broom’, placing the story characters onto a broom in sequential order. Other students looked at quantifying groups, differentiating between ‘One’, ‘Lots’, ‘More’ and ‘Less’.

In Science this week we dissected flowers! The students really enjoying being given magnifying glasses to inspect their flowers, and were really hands on when it came time to locating and dissecting parts of their flower.

Wishing everyone a very happy last few days of Hanukkah, and see you on Monday!


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