Revolving around the sun!

In Maths, we worked on our individual targets. Some children worked on addition, which was taught through a bus game where we had to pick up passengers. Other children took part in familiar counting songs including ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’, ‘Ten in the Bed’ and ‘Five Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree’…please do sing these at home, as they are a great way of practicing our numbers! Meanwhile, some children worked on matching big and small objects, whilst others continued with identifying the groups of objects that had ‘more or less’. We’ve been really impressed this week as D’vash class have all worked so hard at their targets, and they were all achieved – well done everyone!

In Messy Play, we made galaxies using marbles, stars and playdough. Through this we explored and talked about the key features of the planets, such as ‘Jupiter is the biggest’, and ‘Mars is red’. The children were then encouraged to practice their fine motors skills within another Messy Play activity using earbuds to paint a dot to dot earth picture – their creative art skills were out of this world!

On Wednesday, we took part in an olive pressing workshop with Rabbi Simon, where we all participated in making fresh olive oil with a mechanical press. We were encouraged to taste olives before we got started, and learned about where they came from. The children then took turns to rotate the lever to grind the olives and watched the process of squeezing the oil out of the small fruit. We watched the Rabbi pour the fresh oil into the Menorah, before we made a wick out of rolled up cotton wool. D’vash class were very engaged in the whole activity and watched closely as one of their peers helped to light the olive oil candle at the end with help from an adult.

Next week, we will continue to explore the universe through our theme of ‘The Planets’, and we look forward to learning more about what makes our world go round.

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