Chanukah Olive Pressing

This week in Literacy, some pupils have been demonstrating their ability to match rhyming words and continuing a rhyming string, as well as identifying how many syllables are in a word. Other pupils have been working on answering literal questions about a story.

In Maths, we have been working on our number bonds using concrete resources and pictorial representations, while other pupils have been working on recognising and using the language of first, second, third and last.

Gefen pupils participated in an Olive Pressing workshop on Wednesday. They engaged with the story of Chanukah and the relevance of olive oil. Pupils put the olives into the olive press and pulled the leaver to squash all of the juice out of the olives, before separating the juice and the oil. Rabbi Simon then used the oil that we made to light a wick for the menorah.

We joined with Rimon class for Music and sang ‘Lecha Dodi’. We experimented with singing the song at different tempos, pitch and volume. Pupils said that the ‘Lecha Dodi’ song is a medium tempo and pitch.

We are looking forward to lots of celebrations next week for Chanukah.

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