The sky and the stars above!

This week, D’vash class have looked up to the sky and the stars above for inspiration during their lessons, as we have continued with our theme of ‘Space’.

In Literacy, we looked at the story ‘Goodnight Moon’. We listened and engaged as the story was told using different props, before we began working on our individual targets. Some of us worked on requesting the props we wanted to explore further, while others worked on sequencing the story. Other targets included answering questions about the story and demonstrating our comprehension skills.

In Attention Autism (AKA ‘Bucket time’), we watched the adult closely as they made swirling glue patterns all over a large black sheet, before sprinkling stars on to turn it into the night sky. We then took turns to use a torch and colander to make our very own night sky on the ceiling.

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to celebrate a different kind of event in Diwali. We thoroughly enjoyed having an outside guest come in to share her wonderful ideas and talk to us about her faith. We made a mouth-watering fruit salad with yoghurt, which was tasted by everyone…even if just on the tips of our tongues! We then completed a special art activity, where we looked at ‘Rangoli’ patterns, before creating our own using sequins, jewels and sticky gems. We look forward to more special events like this where we can learn more about other cultures and traditions.

Next week’s topic is ‘The Planets – hopefully, we are going to figure out once and for all if Pluto really is a planet or not!!

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