Stone Age storytelling

This week in Gefen class for Literacy, some pupils have been working on creating their own stories based on the following statement ‘An amazing thing once happened to me. I was wandering in the woods when I tripped and found myself falling down, down, down. When I woke up…’ Each pupil had a very different narrative! Other pupils have been practising retelling the events in the Stone Age Boy and others have been practising searching for the puppet when it disappeared from view in the Stone Age story.

In Maths, we have been working on following directions and using directional language. We have practised using our own bodies to move forwards, backwards, left and right and using directional language to record a route to an item on a map.

 In Topic, we discussed a day in the life of a Stone Age person. We learned that their names were often derived from nature, for example the Stone Age boy in the cartoon was called ‘Otter’. We also learned that the stone age people were able to travel by boat and they used fire to cook their food. 

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