Diwali, Swimming and Mitzvah Day! What a busy week in Seorah Class!

And we’ve officially reached the half-way mark of term! Despite the arrival of the cold winter, our students have been showing up to school with big smiles ready to learn.

This week during our Space themed lesson the students learned all about Space Food. We discussed why it’s important for astronauts to eat healthy foods in space, and we discussed the differences between Space Food and the food we eat here on earth. The students all had a chance to try ‘Space Food’ – tasting different dried fruits and vegetables!

In Maths, some of the children achieved their colour identification targets, while others recognised, sorted and completed simple addition sums with 1p, 2p, 10p and 20p coins.

We wrapped up our learning on Diwali with a special activity; we had a guest come visit us at school and taught us how to cook traditional Diwali treats and make celebratory decorations. The students worked together with D’Vash class, and had a really fun time participating in the different activities.

Enjoy the weekend, and we will see you back at school on Monday!

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