Sun and Moon


This week, D’vash class’ lessons have revolved around the sun and the moon, as we have continued our topic of ‘Space’.

In Maths the children have worked really hard at achieving their targets; these have included problem-solving with word sums, sorting big and small objects, and sorting shapes according to their properties. We look forward to the children showing off these new-found skills within their homework activities!

In Messy Play, we explored the impact of the sun and the moon on our planet. We made day and night pictures on paper plates, drew letters or shapes in moon dust, and counted the number of sun beams that we could see in a picture. We also explored hot and cold objects, and spoke about what we could feel: “brrr, the ice is cold”!

Meanwhile back on Planet Earth, D’vash class had a thoroughly enjoyable first swimming lesson! We travelled on the school bus to the swimming pool before getting changed and jumping in the pool. We practised our kicking and bubble blowing, while singing along to some of our favourite songs. We look forward to our next swimming lesson on Tuesday 27th November, where we will keep on improving our swimming skills.

Next week’s topic is ‘The Stars’, so take a moment this weekend to look at the sky and enjoy the wonders of our universe before we head to infinity…and beyond!

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