Gefen Class exploring Stone Age non-fiction.

This week in Gefen Class we have been exploring non-fiction books in Literacy. At the start of the week, we discussed the similarities and differences between fiction or story books and non-fiction books with real information and we sorted a pile of books into ‘fiction’ and ‘non-fiction’. We then looked for features of books. Some pupils worked on identifying a page, cover and picture; other pupils worked on identifying features of non-fiction books such as a contents page, glossary, index, photographs and labels.

In Maths, some pupils have been working on following instructions that include positional language and then using positional language. First, they listened and followed instructions from an adult in order to build a Lego model, then used position words such as under, behind, in front of and next to describe where different animals were in a picture. Other pupils have been working on their awareness of ‘one’ and ‘lots’ by putting ‘one’ or ‘lots of’ marbles down the marble run.

We explored objects which reflect light in Science. We discovered by shining a torch on different objects that a mirror, spoon and watch all reflect light. One pupil also said that the moon reflects the light from the sun!  

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