Another week has flown by. Rimon class have been up to all sorts. In Maths, we are all finished with addition and subtraction and are ready to move onto multiplication and division.
In Literacy, we have enjoyed a new story all about a boy genius called Ug. We have enjoyed creating a story mountain detailing the important parts of his life. He was so clever he invented a wheel, 10,000 years ago! Unfortunately, nobody would listen to him… Next week, we are going to start writing stories inspired by Ug. Watch this space!
We made our very own mezuzahs in Jewish Studies, complete with a tiny scroll. They look fantastic.
In ICT, we started coding. To code, we had to follow and write really simple instructions. After that, we felt ready to move onto getting robots to follow simple sequences using forwards, turning right and left on a programme called A.L.E.X.
During Science, we predicted which items were going to be reflected by the torch and those that weren’t. We tested our predictions by going into the art cupboard (where it was very dark!) and shining the torch onto the objects. It was amazing how bright the room became with white, shiny card and a torch. We also tested Jacob’s security reflective jacket – that was almost glow in the dark!
What a fun week.
Shabbat Shalom
Miss Rowan

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