Archaeologists and scientific investigators!

Rimon class have had an action packed week this week. We have really been getting stuck into our learning. Our Maths just keeps getting better and better, Miss Rowan can barely keep us with our subtraction and multiplication skills! The column method and long multiplication are a doddle now.
In Literacy, we have worked hard on writing up our Stone Age diaries written from the perspective of Om, a cavegirl and a lost boy. We have been trying really hard to describe everything really clearly so our readers can understand how what we might see and feel.
Jewish Studies this week taught us all about the Shema, a special prayer found in the mezuzah. We then practised writing with a feather, just like the scriptures in the Torah. It turns out it is very tricky!
Topic turned us into archaeologists! We learnt all about what kind of things archaeologists find and then we had a go digging for our very own fossils. It was hard work but eventually we found a little dinosaur skull!
The exploring didn’t stop there – in Science we conducted our very own experiment all about dark and light. To start with, we sorted some light sources into most bright and most dull and discussed where dark and light places can be found around school. Then we entered the hall, where a dark, sensory tunnel awaited us. We had three different light sources to choose: a fibre optic fairy wand, a torch and a plastic candle. We tried all three and all decided the torch was the brightest!
What a fantastic week of learning and exploring!

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