Caves, archaeologists and swimming!

This week in Gefen class, we have been exploring light and dark in Science. We created a Stone Age cave in the classroom and agreed that the cavemen would have lit up their caves with fire back in the Stone Age. We explored different light sources in our cave including battery operated candles, torches, string lights and sensory light objects. However, pupils said the cave wasn’t quite dark enough to enjoy the lights. Some of the pupils suggested how we could make the cave even darker; by turning off the lights in the room and closing the blinds. 

We have also been learning about the role of an archaeologist in History. We learned that archeologists study things that were left behind by the people who lived before us.

Gefen pupils appeared to enjoy their first swimming session this year. Pupils participated in structured lesson time and then enjoyed some free play where they played with balls and floats in the pool. We’re already looking forward to going back next week!

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