All things Earthly!

It’s been an exciting week in D’vash class this week as we welcomed a new classmate, and we continued to enjoy further exploration of our topic, ‘Earth’.

This week in Literacy we worked on our individual targets within the topic. Some children worked on making lists of animals living on land versus those that live in water, while others worked on labelling these animals and sorting them into sensory trays. Another target included looking through different books to find the relevant information about these animals, which proved to be very interesting for everyone.

In Messy Play, we explored all things relating to the planet Earth. This included sorting recycling materials into plastic and paper, and learning the importance of looking after our wildlife. We also learned about the cycle of nature by following the sequence of planting seeds, and took part in water play to learn about our planet’s most important natural resource. In Art, we recapped all the key features of the Earth, and used this knowledge to stick these on to our decorated earth templates.

This week’s middot has been ‘Celebrations’, where we looked at the festival of Diwali. Following on from this, we look forward to a workshop later on in the term where we will make traditional food that is enjoyed during Diwali celebrations. Please keep a lookout for more information on this multicultural event coming soon.

In the meantime, we look forward to next week’s topic which will revolve around ‘the sun and the moon’.

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