End of Autumn 1 with Rimon Class

What a final week for Autumn 1! It might have felt very short but we have managed to fit a lot in! We started off our week with an amazing trip to the Natural History Museum, where we took part in a Dino Scene Investigation workshop. We excavated our very own fossil and learnt how fossils are formed. Then we went all around the museum, focusing on learning about rocks and gems. We snuck in some time checking out the volcanoes and earthquakes too! Check out Seesaw to see some pictures.
In Literacy, we began thinking about how we could survive in the Antarctic, with some of us choosing items to build a shelter and then designing our very own! Other members of the class, focused on what items of clothing are appropriate for different weather and seasons, practising putting them on and choosing between items. On Thursday, we made our very own den with Gefen class with the children leading the adults. It was fantastic! Some children chose to do their own mini shelter, while others collaborated on a larger one. We had to move our original shelter halfway through but we didn’t give up. The end result was fantastic. To top it all off, some of us wrote up instructions to build a shelter, while others focused on consolidating learning from the day before.
In PSHE, we have started thinking about our class charter and what it means to have a happy, inclusive classroom. We have come up with many ideas of how we can respect each other and our rights.
Maths has featured lots of addition this week! Some of the class have been practising formal methods of addition such as the column method while others have continued to follow sequences and patterns through ‘five little monkeys.’
Our Middah this week was ‘good listening,’ and we have showcased that by listening clearly to instructions in class and in the playground.
Have a wonderful half term! I am looking forward to our learning in Autumn 2.
Shabbat Shalom
Miss Rowan

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