Happy holidays!!





We end this first half of the term on a positive note and are looking forward to the full Autumn 2 term ahead. It is going to be a jam-packed term filled with exciting activities and lessons linked to our new theme, Space!

In Literacy we continued with our story, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, where we identified the different emotions of the characters. Children took turns to follow keyword instructions with the different objects linked to the story, according to their own learning objectives.

In art this week, we made trees with a collection of our favourite family pictures. We used different art materials to create and decorate our trees before adding each of our family members. The children were able to present their trees to their peers, whilst naming and labelling the members of their family.

To finish off the term, we enjoyed an assembly with members from SEED and some of our parents. The children were very excited to see their parents and they sang our morning assembly songs with great vigour!!

We wish everyone a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you next term.

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