Take a look at what D’vash class has been up to this week!

W e have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our snack and lunchtimes with our peers outside in the Sukkah this week. As a further part of the Sukkot celebrations, the class was invited to a story time session with our Speech and Language Therapist, Natalie. She read the book ‘Not Now, Bernard’, all about a little boy who tries to tell his parents about a monster in the house.

In Literacy, we continued with our story, ‘Shark in the park’, where we worked on our writing skills; some children drew pictures to represent the story while others made marks to represent the characters.

This week in art, we made pictures showing all our favourite things. We took turns to find pictures matching our favourite foods, toys, sports and animals. During Jewish studies we continued with the creative theme to make our own Sukkah pictures using natural materials we found in the playground.

We wish you all a good Yom Tov and look forward to seeing the children back at school on Wednesday!



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