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This week in Gefen class, we have been exploring what the Antarctic might be like when we visit. We watched a video. It looks cold and icy and the weather is snowy, freezing and foggy! There are lots of penguins and seals that live there. Some pupils then drew a picture to describe what they saw in the video. Others demonstrated control in their gross motor movements and coloured in a picture of the Antarctic.

We played ten pin bowling with a twist in Phonics. The pins were labelled with Phase 2 and 3 sounds. When we knocked any of the pins down with the ball, we had to try to read the sounds on the pin.

Our Middah this week was ‘saying sorry’ linking to Yom Kippur. We have been practising saying sorry to our peers and to adults by using the 4-part apology which Miss Danielle taught us about in Jewish Studies. It is a very helpful visual for us to look at when we know we need to say sorry.

We are looking forward to eating in our Sukkah next week and we have made some decorations to put up.

Chag Sameach! 

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