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With the shorter week, D’vash class had a busy few days at school – we hope everyone had a meaningful Yom Kippur. This week we have been making decorations for our school Sukkah in the build-up to Sukkot. We look forward to sharing snack and mealtimes with the other children in the school when we return next week.

In Literacy, we looked at the book ‘There’s a Shark in the Park’. Children were encouraged to listen and attend whilst filling in the missing words as the teacher read the story. We then used props to role-play the character of Timothy Pope looking through his telescope. Visuals were used to expand our vocabulary, commenting on what we could see and hear.

In Maths we worked on identifying numbers 1-10, and writing/tracing or making marks over these numbers. Some of the children practised identifying different sized groups of marbles, while others identified the objects that were the same from those that were different.


We look forward to next week’s activities and lessons!

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