Next stop D’vash class






This week we looked at the job role of a train driver! The children identified that a train driver needed to have good questioning skills, asking ‘where’ to go, as well as being on time.

In Messy play, we made marks with our trains and followed the formation of letters. We built train tracks and a landscape scene using bridges, farm animals, trees, and flowers.

Our questioning skills were worked on in literacy lessons as we had to ask ‘where the magic train ride was taking us to?’. Our pre-reading skills were put to the test as we practised labelling and building sentences to talk about what we could see in the pictures.

In Maths, children have been working on a variety of different skills. These included number bonds 1-10, sequencing the days of the week, identifying more or less amounts, and following the instruction to put objects ‘on, in and under’.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Summer Fete! It was a huge success and much fun was had by all. From hot dogs to apple bobbing and milking the cow, each child and their family got stuck in. We also exhibited our finished Israel 70 projects much to the delight of parents and children alike.

We look forward to next week’s topic where we will be focusing on the job role of a rock star!

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