The job of a Scientist: predicting, experimenting and justifying!

We have been learning lots of key skills needed to be a Scientist this week. In Art, we experimented with a new technique. We used droppers to draw up some paint and drop some on the paper. Then we used a straw to blow the paint around the paper. The results looked incredible! Some children have been practising their prediction skills in Literacy. They examined the front cover of a book and used these clues to predict what the title might be and what the story might be about. We’re also learning that different people predict different things and have different opinions. In Science, we were given a variety of objects and asked to choose some objects and sort them into groups. Pupils then had to justify why they had grouped them in the way they did. We have continued to work on our Israel 70 projects. Our clay models had dried and we added some colour to our models using paint. Some pupils have recreated their special item by collaging with paper. Others have started to use Clicker 7 to write a short paragraph about their special items. We’re excited to see the final outcome!

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