Listening, questioning and investigating!

This week we looked at the job role of a scientist! The children identified that a scientist needed to have good listening and questioning skills, as well as being able to investigate. These skills were put to the test in all areas of our timetable.

In Messy play, we explored how to melt the ice cubes with pom-poms so we could sort the different colours into trays. We mixed oil and water and observed how it did not mix! We separated objects into groups that float and groups that sink.

Our listening and questioning skills were worked on in literacy lessons. We practiced following two to four keyword instructions in our floating and sinking activity. Some children worked on asking questions to investigate more about a group of chosen objects. We also looked at functions of familiar objects in our daily lives. 

In Maths, children have been working on a variety of different skills. These included identifying the odd object within a group, practicing addition and subtraction sums, working on making groups of up to 6 objects, and using prepositional language to describe the placement of objects. 

We have also continued with our Israel 70 projects this week. The children used clay to mould their special objects. Once these were dry, they choose the colour paints they needed to bring their clay objects to life.

We look forward to next week’s topic where we will be focusing on the job role of a train driver.

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