It is with great pride that we publish our OFSTED report. Please click here to read.

You will see that we were graded as an OUTSTANDING school in all areas! We are all feeling very happy and beyond proud of the children and the staff.

There are 236 Independent schools in London and 1,326 in the UK. There are 9 Outstanding in London and 43 Outstanding in the UK, 2 in London and 20 in the UK are SEN.

It has been an exciting journey opening Gesher and welcoming our first beautiful cohort of children.  They have progressed and flourished in ways we couldn’t have imagined.  It is absolute proof that happy children learn and that having emotional well-being as a priority in a school impacts its success.

I want to thank the Gesher team for working tirelessly to get the school running the way that it is does and for always supporting one another.  There is a warmth and a true dedication to the children’s overall well-being across the entire team and that is priceless.

I would also like to give a massive and heartfelt thank you to our parents.  You have been supportive of our dream and you believed in us in a time when all we could give you was our vision.  Your unwavering belief in us and the extremely kind comments that you gave us during the OFSTED inspection truly supported the whole of the school and we are forever grateful.

We feel fortunate to have a school built on passion, dedication and a child centered ethos.

So here’s to the Gesher Community!!

Well Done!! It is official, we are OUTSTANDING!

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