Interviews, Nessy Fingers and Science!

Thank you for bringing in your special photos and items as part of the Israel 70 project. On Wednesday, we interviewed each other to find out about the special people in our photographs and to find out a little bit about the special items that we had brought in. Then we recreated the item which represents our faith or belief with clay. We were very excited to try out a new resource on the Chromebooks called Nessy Fingers with our Occupational Theraist, Claire. Nessy Fingers helps us to learn where to place our fingers on the keyboard and develop our typing skills.  In Art, we discussed healthy foods and then decorated chef’s hats with images and representations of healthy food using a range of different resources. In Science, we continued to look at different materials. Some pupils worked on choosing their preferred material or rejecting materials that they didn’t like. Other pupils identified the material that an object was made from and then practised discussing some of the material’s properties. Seorah class will be going swimming on Monday 18th June, remember your swimming gear!

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